Cook Like A Chef

This innovative, ground-breaking series features five young chefs as they explore and explain a myriad of cooking techniques. Set in a dramatic cooking environment, COOK LIKE A CHEF is about how to cook (as opposed to what to cook). Breaking down the fourth wall, every imaginable technique, tip, and kitchen secret is revealed as the chef circles a large round cooking platform. A must-see television experience for anyone interested in the art of cooking.

Episode Guide

Episode # 1001 – Wine Episode with Chef Ned Bell

What’s a meal without great wine?  Skip the glass and let the aromatic flavours of a lush, rich wine work its magic in your food as a condiment.  Chef Ned Bell demonstrates the versatility of wine in cooking.

Episode # 1002 – Sauces Episode with Chef Elizabeth Manville

Chef Elizabeth Manville lets us in on the secrets of those incredible sauces made in great restaurants.  From rich creamy buttery sauces to light fragrant herb sauces, Chef takes us through them from the starting ingredients to the glorious finished product.

Episode # 1003 – Turkey Episode with Chef Michael Allemeier

Roasting the perfect whole Turkey has long been a challenge.  Impress your guests every time with Chef Michael Allemeier’s secrets to the perfect bird.

Episode # 1004 – Shellfish Episode with Chef Michael Bonacini

Chef Michael Bonacini takes the mystery out of cooking up those tasty creatures from the deep blue sea.  Octopus, squid and shrimp are all on the menu as the secrets to cooking these delicious delicacies rise to the surface. 

Episode # 1005 – Rice Episode with Chef Michael Cummings

Chef Michael Cummings gets his hands into the mix cooking up the versatile grain – rice.  His masterpiece is risotto and the rice is his canvass.  From appetizer to dessert, chef unveils his collection of trade secrets.

Episode # 1006 – Chocolate Episode with Chef Tim McRoberts

Chocolate is the thing that dreams are made of – rich, sweet, and sexy.  Chef Tim McRoberts opens our eyes to the techniques of working with chocolate.

Episode # 1007 – Beef Episode with Chef Ned Bell

The perfect steak is a beautiful thing. Chef Ned Bell works with various cuts of beef and demonstrates the techniques used to create mouth-watering carnivorous dishes.

Episode # 1008 – Herb & Spice Episode with Chef Elizabeth Manville

Herbs and spice and everything nice, that’s what a great meal is made of.  Chef Elizabeth Manville intoxicates us with the fragrance of fresh herbs and spices in a broad range of dishes.

Episode # 1009 – Fish Episode with Chef Michael Allemeier

It’s no tale – Fish is an incredibly versatile ingredient to cook with.  Chef Michael Allemeier gives us tips on all the fishy business one needs to know.

 Episode # 1010 – Deep Fry Episode with Chef Michael Bonacini

Chef Michael Bonacini shows why he is no small fry in revealing his kitchen sizzle.  Learn the secrets on sautéing, pan frying and deep frying.

Episode # 1011 – Veal Episode with Chef Michael Cummings

Wonder why chefs like to cook with veal? Chef Michael Cummings heats up the studio while working with various cuts of veal.

Episode # 1012 – Stuffed Pasta Episode with Chef Tim McRoberts

The secrets of stuffed pasta are revealed as Chef Tim McRoberts dresses each pasta for success by padding them with delicious fillings, sprinkling them with fragrant seasoning and topping each off with the perfect sauce.

Episode # 1013 – Mise En Place Episode with Chef Ned Bell

Every chef knows that cooking starts with smart planning.  Chef Ned Bell demonstrates the techniques behind those fascinating preparation skills only a chef seems able to do.

Episode # 1014 – Fish Episode with Chef Elizabeth Manville

Join Chef Elizabeth Manville in exploring the fresh fish you probably know best coming from a can.  Sardines, anchovies and tuna have never tasted so good.

Episode # 1015 – Game Episode with Chef Michael Allemeier

Chef Allemeier embraces his wild side and reveals the secrets to cooking with a variety of game meats.

Episode # 1016 – Mushrooms and Truffles Episode with Chef Michael Bonacini

Chef Michael Bonacini puts the ‘Fun’ in Fungi – learn the culinary techniques to cooking with mushrooms and the venerable truffle.

Episode # 1017 – No Potato Episode with Chef Michael Cummings

Tired of potatoes for dinner?  Chef Michael Cummings gets back to his roots and cooks with the lesser known tubers and root veggies.

Episode # 1018 – Savoury Pastry Episode with Chef Tim McRoberts

As the Japanese say, we eat with our eyes first.  Chef Tim McRoberts demonstrate the techniques of savoury pastries in four eye appealing dishes.

Episode # 1019 – Egg Episode with Chef Ned Bell

Chef Ned Bell takes the egg to new heights by sharing the secrets of creating sauces, custards and of course – the perfect omelette.

Episode # 1020 – Mise En Place Episode with Chef Elizabeth Manville

Great cooking starts with the basics.  Chef Elizabeth Manville walks us through various techniques that are used every day in a professional kitchen as the fundamentals to creating phenomenal food.

Episode # 1021 – Pork Episode with Chef Michael Allemeier

Crackling, loins and legs are three of the pork cuts Chef Michael Allemeier works his magic on as he demonstrates the versatility of this succulent white meat.

Episode # 1022 – Desserts Episode with Chef Michael Bonacini

Chef Michael Bonacini gives his gentle touch to heavenly delights from truffles to candied flowers demonstrating the skilled techniques applied to craft beautiful desserts.

Episode # 1023 – Fruit Episode with Chef Michael Cummings

Chef Michael Cummings knows that the fruits of your labour will never go unrecognized if you follow his secrets to preparing fresh seasonal fruit.

Episode # 1024 – Poultry Episode with Chef Tim McRoberts

Fair or fowl play, Chef Tim McRoberts demonstrates how to use the venerable chicken and not just focus on the breasts!

Episode # 1025 – Rabbit and Bird Episode with Chef Ned Bell

Rabbit and squab are both delicious treats that often get overlooked. Chef demonstrates how you can embrace these new additions to your home menu.

Episode # 1026 – Duck Episode with Chef Elizabeth Manville

Duck is a rich and plump bird.  Chef Elizabeth Manville tips us off to the cooking techniques used to make duck in a variety of ways.

Episode # 1027 – Potatoes Episode with Chef Michael Allemeier

One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four!  Chef Michael Allemeier works with the mighty spud to create some of North America’s favourite dishes. From perfect french fries to delicious mash, the secret’s out on how to make your tubers taste like those at the restaurant.

Episode # 1028 – Fish Episode with Chef Michael Bonacini

You can stuff it, you can roll it you can cube it or eat it whole. Chef Michael Bonacini examines these and other tasty options for our adaptable friend the fish.

Episode # 1029 – Mise En Place Episode with Chef Michael Cummings

Reading a recipe is like reading a map – you need to know where you are going before you begin.  Chef Michael Cummings educates us on how to prepare some delicious basics to great foodstuff.

Episode # 1030 – Cheese Episode with Chef Tim McRoberts

Cheese please!  Chef Tim McRoberts hangs the questions out to dry and demonstrates some great tips on how to work with various cheeses to create phenomenal meals.

Episode # 1031 – Grains Episode with Chef Ned Bell

Wild rice, basmati rice, sushi rice – there are so many different kinds.  Chef Ned Bell demonstrates a few techniques to making fool proof rice dishes.

Episode # 1032 – Foie Gras Episode with Chef Elizabeth Manville

Foie Gras is the one ingredient every chef would kill to work with.  Chef Elizabeth Manville shares the secrets to this wonderful taste indulgence.

Episode # 1033 – Soufflé Episode with Chef Michael Allemeier

The temperamental soufflé needs a gentle touch, but when the beautiful creation emerges from the oven – there is nothing like it.  Chef Michael Allemeier reveals all the tricks behind the perfect soufflé.

Episode # 1034 – Fish Episode with Chef Tim McRoberts

Fish is so versatile; you can eat it in almost any way from raw to grilled, fried to baked.  Chef Tim McRoberts demonstrates the secret to alternative cooking methods including roasting, griddling, stewing and chowder.

Episode # 1035 – Lamb Episode with Chef Michael Cummings

Chef Michael Cummings celebrates the wondrous ingredient that is Lamb.  From the shank and rack to the legs and loin, Chef creates mouth-watering dishes.

Episode # 1036 – Sweet Pastry Episode with Chef Michael Bonacini

Pastry is an art unto itself, but one that can be mastered with a few simple tricks.  Chef Michael Bonacini walks through the techniques of making fool- proof pastry & sweet dough.

Episode # 1037 – Crab Episode with Chef Ned Bell

We all bow down to the Royal crab.  Chef Ned Bell prepares some crab delights and points out the tools of the trade that help make them so great.

Episode # 1038 – Pasta Episode with Chef Michael Allemeier

‘Fresh is best’ is what they always say.  Chef Michael Allemeier whips up some simple fresh pasta dishes and shares some tips on the perfect pasta along the way.

Episode # 1039 – Veggie Episode with Chef Tim McRoberts

Chef Tim McRoberts demonstrates some inventive new ways to work with veggies.  Chef explores the techniques required to revamp the common vegetable side dish into a main course that will steal the show.

Episode # 2040 – Grains with Michael Bonacini

Chef Michael Bonacini exposes great new ideas on how to create some delicious and imaginative dishes using gains of various shapes & sizes.

Episode # 2041 – Desserts with Elizabeth Manville

Not all desserts need to be baked.  Chef Elizabeth Manville shows us some great ways of satisfying a sweet tooth without ever having to use the oven.

Episode # 2042- Peppers with Ned Bell

Peppers are so versatile; sweet, spicy, big or small and they are always full of suburb flavour.  Chef Ned Bell presents us with some great ways to create superb sides, sauces & appetizers with a rainbow of peppers.

Episode # 2043 – Fowl with Michael Allemeier

Chef Michael Allemeier explores the techniques to cooking, carving, barding and stuffing the different little birds in the fowl family.

Episode # 2044 – Seafood with Caroline McCann-Bizjak

Chef Caroline McCann explores the treasures of the sea and gives some great tips and techniques to cooking with different kinds of seafood

Episode # 2045 – Cheese with Georges Laurier

Chef Georges Laurier shares his passion for cheese and shows us some great ways to create your own masterpieces.

Episode # 2046 – Poultry with Tim McRoberts

Chicken is no ordinary bird when Chef Tim McRoberts puts his spin on it.  He shares some great tips on how to dress up this bird.

Episode # 2047 – Pasta with Michael Bonacini

Chef Michael Bonacini grew up in an Italian household where secrets to great fresh pasta have been passed down through the generations.  In this episode Chef shares some of his grandmother’s recipes with his own masterful techniques.

Episode # 2048 – Pork with Elizabeth Manville

That pig just keeps on giving!  Chef Elizabeth Manville cooks up a feast of tender juicy pork providing great insight into how to cook the various cuts available on the market.

Episode # 2049 – Herbs with Ned Bell

Chef Ned Bell reveals some unique ways to infuse the intense and rich flavours of fresh herbs into some tempting and easy to make dishes

Episode # 2050 – Nuts & Seeds with Michael Allemeier

Nothing adds a punch of flavour and protein to a meal like nuts & seeds.  Chef Michael Allemeier let’s us in on some of his great techniques and recipes for cooking with nuts and seeds.

Episode # 2051 – Veggies with Caroline McCann-Bizjak

There are so many wonderful vegetables that are overlooked when cooking with vegetables.  Chef Caroline McCann looks beyond broccoli & carrots and demystifies the art of cooking with some of the more unique vegetables available.

Episode # 2052 – Garlic with Georges Laurier

Chef Georges Laurier gives us some great tips on how to work with garlic and create some incredible mouth-watering dishes.

Episode # 2053 – Sugar with Tim McRoberts

Sweet tasting sugar comes in many forms.  Chef Tim McRoberts will blow you away with the incredible culinary art he creates using sugar as his main ingredient.

Episode # 2054 – Sauces with Michael Bonacini

A Saucier holds a coveted position of envy in a professional kitchen. Chef Michael Bonacini lets us in on some of his secrets to some great sauces.

Episodes # 2055 – Bread with Elizabeth Manville

The smell of fresh bread is an invitation to feast in almost any household.  Chef Elizabeth Manville breaks down the tricks of the trade to creating incredible breads, doughnuts & rolls.

Episode # 2056 – Coffee & Tea with Ned Bell

Think of Coffee as a spice and Tea as an herb.  Chef Ned Bell shows us some incredibly delicious & imaginative ways to cook with our favourite caffeine flavours.

Episode # 2057 – Beans with Michael Allemeier

There are beans in all shapes and sizes, flavours & textures.  Chef Michael Allemeier shows us how turn a simple bean into a chef’s stunning success.

Episode # 2058 – Veal with Caroline McCann-Bizjak

Chef Caroline McCann-Bizjak demonstrates how to create chef calibre meals using tender delicious veal.

Episode # 2059 – Soups with Georges Laurier

Chef Georges Laurier starts by making three basic stocks.  He then takes each one to a new level by creating some sensational hot soups that will warm you up at any time of the year.

Episode # 2060 – Fish with Tim McRoberts

Who better to handle fish than a chef who lives on an island surrounded by sea water!  Chef Tim McRoberts passes on his knowledge on how to work with different kinds of fish to create sweet & succulent fish dishes.

Episode # 2061 – Flans & Custards with Michael Bonacini

Chef Michael Bonacini shows us the first grade techniques behind creating beautiful sweet & savoury custards & flans.

Episode # 2062 – Salads & Dressings with Elizabeth Manville

Not all salads have to be green. Chef Elizabeth Manville shows us the techniques and recipes to creating a salad dressed to the nines.

Episode # 2063 – Poultry with Ned Bell

Every Chef loves to work with poultry. Chef Ned Bell jazzes up the everyday chicken with some innovative recipes and some techniques that every uberchef should know.

Episode # 2064 – Sauces with Michael Allemeier

From Champagne & Foie gras to a secret ingredient extracted with a magnificent old school chef’s tool, Chef Michael Allemeier opens the door to the secrets of a great sauce.

Episode # 2065 – Pasta with Caroline McCann – Bizjak

Chef Caroline McCann-Bizjak shows us the techniques behind making delicious Italian pasta making with a flare of French-Canadian culinary tastes.

Episode #2066 – Ground Meats with Georges Laurier

A burger is never just a burger when a master chef gets involved.  Chef Georges Laurier shows us some fascinating techniques & recipes for cooking with ground meats.

Episode # 2067 – Chutney’s, mustards & Salsas with Tim McRoberts

Chef Tim McRoberts demonstrates the techniques behind creating delicious & exotic chutney’s, mustards & salsas to accompany almost any dish.

Episode# 2068 – Beef with Michael Bonacini

There is more to beef than a great steak.  In this episode Chef Michael Bonacini works his magic on four different cuts of beef served up chef style.

Episode # 2069 – Shellfish with Elizabeth Manville

Scallop ceviche & mussel soufflé are only two example of the incredible culinary dishes chef Liz Manville explores in the tantalizing episode of Cook Like a Chef.

Episode # 2070 – Vegetables with Ned Bell

There are an endless variety of vegetable dishes to be made.  Chef Ned Bell explores some delicate and tasty organic sides and mains while disclosing the secrets behind making them a meal changing experience.

Episode # 2071 – Desserts (not Baked) with Michael Allemeier

Chef Michael Allemeier dazzles and delights as he creates mouth-watering desserts that settle and finish in the cold instead of in the heat of the oven.

Episode # 2072 – Starches with Caroline McCann-Bizjak

A starch side dish can be as exciting as any main on the plate.  Chef Caroline McCann creates beautiful and delicious starches designed to please both the eye and the palette.

Episode # 2073 – Lamb with Georges Laurier

Chef Georges Laurier tantalizes you with incredible different cooking techniques for the different cuts of lamb.  From marinades and sauces to braising and grilling – he will make you always want to come back for more.

Episode # 2074 – Herbs with Tim McRoberts

Nothing says freshness than the aroma of sweet fresh herbs.  Chef Tim McRoberts creates everything from appetizers to desserts using delicious clean herbs.

Episode # 2075 – Poultry with Michael Bonacini

Chef Michael Bonacini treats us to some incredible unique poultry dishes made with the flare and panache of a world class chef.

Episode # 2076 – Game with Michael Allemeier

Cooking with game is only a matter of understanding few basic rules.  Chef Michael Allemeier indulges us with some great tips and some delicious recipes for cooking wild game.

Episode # 2077 – Lobster with Caroline McCann

Chef Caroline McCann answers all your questions about how to cook live lobster and how to create succulent meals with this tasty crustacean.

Episode # 2078 – Chocolate with Georges Laurier

Sexy chocolate desserts are the perfect match for this sexy French chef.  Georges Laurier creates delectable chocolate delights and talks about his cooking techniques to working with this sweet tantalizing ingredient.

Episode # 3079 – Fruit with Michael Bonacini

For Chef Michael Bonacini fruit in this episode is all about bananas and peaches. Savoury, sweet, delicious bananas and the classic peach Bellini from Harry’s Bar in Venice.

Episode # 3080 – Deep Fry with Ned Bell

Deep Frying is all about coatings for Chef Ned Bell. Fish, seafood, vegetables and cheese can all fry in a unique and tasty crispy shell.

Episode # 3081 – Fish with Georges Laurier

Chef Georges Laurier explores classic preparations for fish – the inimitable Bouillabaisse to decadent fish pie and the minimal tartar are on the menu for this episode.

Episode # 3082 – Pork with Rene Rodriguez

Chef Rene Rodriguez loves working with pork. Here he shows us how to cook perfect pork belly, poach in plastic bags, braise and prepare tenderloins 3-ways.

Episode # 3083 – Vegetables with Michael Allemeier

Chef Michael Allemeier reveals his secrets to cooking perfect spring vegetables -asparagus and artichoke. Don’t shy away from the unknown!  Chef will give you all the tips to creating incredible dishes with these two seasonal vegetables.

Episode # 3084 – Fats with Caroline McCann-Bizjak

Fat isn’t a substance to avoid in cooking, it’s integral to great tasting food. Here chef Caroline McCann-Bizjak explains the properties of oils, butter, pork and duck fats and how to make them work for you in the kitchen.

Episode # 3085 – Garde Manger with Tim McRoberts

Chef Tim McRoberts tell us all about garde manger and then goes on to display a wide selection of the repertoire of the garde manger chef in any restaurant.

Episode # 3086 – garnishes with Michael Bonacini

Food that looks great often tastes better too. Chef Michael Bonacini reveals the art of making elegant, clever and edible plate decorations – those finishing touches that turn a meal into a masterpiece!

Episode # 3087 – BBQ with Ned Bell

As soon as the snow melts, Canadians hit the backyard and light their BBQ’s.  Chef Ned Bell explains the principles behind successful, tasty bbq cooking, proving that anything you can cook in an oven you can cook on the bbq too.

Episode # 3088 – Dairy Desserts with Georges Laurier

When it comes to dessert, it’s got to be dairy! Fruit doesn’t cut it when you need something rich and creamy. Chef Georges Laurier reveals the tricks to cooking with dairy, infusing flavours into milk and cream, highlighting this most wicked of waistline-wreckers.

Episode # 3089 – Vegetarian Mains with Rene Rodriguez

Interesting, inventive ways to cook without meat. Chef Rene Rodriguez brings out the best in vegetables, grains and noodles.

Episode # 3090 – Shellfish with Michael Allemeier

If it comes in a shell, Chef Michael Allemeier loves to cook with it. In this episode he reveals tricks for preparing snails, clams and mussels.

Episode # 3091 – Tomatoes with Caroline McCann-Bizjak

In the hands of Chef Caroline McCann-Bizjak, a tomato becomes a culinary marvel. Dried and roasted, chopped and pureed, the lowly tomato can even appear in desserts.

Episode # 3092 – Hand Food with Tim McRoberts

Who needs knives and forks when you can eat these delicacies with your hands? Chef Tim McRoberts reveals some classic preparations for finger licking gourmet food.

Episode # 3093 – Fish with Michael Bonacini

Back to the basics with fish. Chef Michael Bonacini reveals how to deal with flat fish, round fish, fish with bones and those with cartilage. Simple preparations that taste and look spectacular.

Episode # 3094 – Cold Soups with Ned Bell

Summer soups are best cold. Chef Ned Bell explains tricks and tips to prepare easy, quick and oh-so tasty cold soups that don’t demand hours sweating over a hot stove.

Episode # 3095 – Offal with Georges Laurier

Chef Georges Laurier tempts your taste buds with some mouthwatering meat dishes, but not your normal cuts of meat.  Some of the best bits of an animal are on the inside. Chef divulges the secrets to preparing various delicious organs – kidneys, sweetbreads, giblets and livers.  Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Episode # 3096 – Fruit with Rene Rodriguez

Chef Rene Rodriguez reveals the tricks to preparing the fruits of the gods -figs, grapes, and quince.  Chef Rodriguez will make you want to experiment with all kinds of unique seasonal fruits.

Episode # 3097 – Baking with Michael Allemeier

There are bakers and then there are cooks who never bake. Chef Michael Allemeier will finally explain the mechanics of making a cake rise, what self-raising flour is and neat little tricks for breads and biscuits.

Episode # 3098 – Barding and Larding with Caroline McCann-Bizjak

Chef Caroline McCann-Bizjak explains the importance of fat in meat and reveals tricks to make your lean cuts of meat taste better and remain juicier with barding and larding.

Episode # 3099 – Shellfish with Tim McRoberts

Scallops, crabs and clams are revealed in all their glory by chef McRoberts. This episode will reveal how to deal with scallops to produce their very best, how to tell if your seafood is the freshest.

Episode # 3100 – Herbs with Michael Bonacini

Chef Michael Bonacini shows you how to make herbs more than an after-thought or a decoration. This is herbs front and centre.

Episode # 3101 – Beef with Ned Bell

Chef Bell shows us beef slow-cooked and beef not cooked at all. Chef reveals some need to know techniques for working with a variety of cuts of beef.

Episode # 3102 – Herbs and Spices with Georges Laurier

Chef Laurier reveals the secrets to making your own curry paste, preserving tarragon for winter use and he even feature herbs in dessert. Herbs can feature at every stage of a meal.

Episode # 4103 – Dairy with Tim McRoberts

Mmmm dairy!  Rich, creamy – a texture like non-other.  Chef Tim McRoberts shows us how to cook like Mom – butter, butter and egg-based sauces, custard and cream.

Episode # 4104 – BBQ with chef Michael Allemeier

Y’all know how to bbq? Well, you will do after Chef Allemeier reveals the tricks of a true Southern BBQ complete with a hog roast, brisket and bbq sauce.

Episode # 4105 – Shellfish with Georges Laurier

Chef Georges Laurier reveals the tricks to working with shrimp large and small. Canada’s favourite seafood is prepared in every which way.

Episode # 4106 – Forcemeats with Michael Bonacini

Sausages, seafood and meat, pate and quenelles all fall under the topic of forcemeat. Chef Bonacini shows us how to work with raw ground meats and fish to create these hearty, juicy treats.

Episode # 4107 – Spices and Herbs with Caroline McCann-Bizjak

In this show tips for roasting, toasting, coating, freezing, drying and cooking with delicious herbs are exposed by Chef Caroline McCann-Bizjak.

Episode # 4108 – Vegetables with Rene Rodriguez

Bored with broccoli and boiled potatoes? Well Chef Rodriguez will show you how to make your veggies more interesting. Radishes and celery, asparagus and potatoes cooked with the sous-vide technique are all in his repertoire.

Episode # 4109 – Fruits and Berries with Ned Bell

The best thing about summer is fruit and berries. Ned Bell shows off berries to their best advantage and reveals the tricks to keeping that bursting summer flavour throughout the winter.

Episode # 4110 – Deep Fry with Tim McRoberts

Chef Tim McRobert’s approach to deep-frying is surprising. There’s nothing conventional about deep fried soup, his own variation on fish and “chips” and deep-fried fruit.

Episode # 4111 – Cheese with Michael Allemeier

There’s more to cheese than pizza. Chef Michael Allemeier reveals some of his own quick and easy methods for using great cheese in day-to-day eating.

Episode # 4112 – Breads with Georges Laurier

Nothing beats homemade bread. Chef Georges Laurier explains the dos and don’ts of making bread successfully, from croissants to bagels.

Episode # 4113 – Gelatine with Michael Bonacini

Chef Michael Bonacini de-mystifies working with gelatine. He explains the quantities of liquid versus gelatine for the perfect set dish.

Episode # 4114 – Fish with Caroline McCann-Bizjak

There’s something about cooking whole fish that makes a meal more of an occasion. Chef Caroline McCann- Bizjak reveals her secrets to cooking small fish, large fish, but always whole fish. Smoked fish, fried fish, baked fish and roasted fish.

Episode # 4115 – Poultry with Rene Rodriguez

If turkey means Christmas, Thanksgiving and not much more, Chef Rodriguez will give you the tips to cook turkey successfully at any time of year and he won’t be roasting it!

Episode # 4116 – Savoury Pastry with Ned Bell

There’s so much more to pastry than puff rolled from a packet and pre-lined tart tins. Chef Ned Bell introduces cheese pastry, herb pastry and gougere pastry – cream bun pastry in a savoury setting.

Episode # 4117 – Vegetables with Tim McRoberts

It’s all about onions for Chef Tim McRoberts. He reveals the diversity of the onion family – how to sauté, sweat and caramelize. He might even tell you how to cut them up without crying.

Episode # 4118 – Pressure Cooker with Michael Allemeier

The secrets of pressure cooking revealed. Chef Michael Allemeier demonstrates how to use these fearsome-looking cooking pots to create incredible stews and canned preserves in half the time.

Episode # 4119 – Stuffing’s with Georges Laurier

It isn’t just the turkey that deserves stuffing. Chef Georges Laurier reveals the secret to making great stuffing’s from a number of different bases – bread, rice, chestnut and oysters. And they work in all kinds of settings.

Episode # 4120 – Eggs with Michael Bonacini

Chef Bonacini reveals the secrets to cooking perfect eggs. Watery scrambled eggs? No more once you’ve watched this show. From scrambling to baking and frying, this is how to prepare the ultimate egg dishes.

Episode # 4121 – Leafy Greens with Caroline McCann-Bizjak

There’s much more to greens than broccoli and cabbage. Chef Caroline McCann-Bizjak explores some little-known greens such as dandelion and sorrel. She’ll also reveal how to make spinach delicious, not just edible.

Episode # 4122 – Deep Fry with Rene Rodriguez

Chef Rene Rodriguez will share some tips for the classic – crispy fried chicken – and the not-so-classic – deep fried Foie gras – with viewers. Deep fry made easy.

Episode # 4123 – Fish with Ned Bell

Fish is Mediterranean for Chef Ned Bell. He reveals how to deal with the Italian specialty Salt Cod, makes a fish lasagna and fish cakes before revealing the diamonds of the fish world – caviar.

Episode # 4124 – Desserts with Tim McRoberts

There’s nothing fancy about Chef McRobert’s desserts. Some of the very best can be the traditional desserts of childhood with a new twist – baked Alaska, summer pudding and lemon meringue pie finish any meal in style.

Episode # 4125 – Mushrooms with Michael Allemeier

Funny fungi are fascinating for Chef Allemeier. He reveals some simple tricks to make great mushroom meals using everything from the common button mushroom to exotic puffball and chanterelle.

Episode # 4126 – Vegetarian Mains with Georges Laurier

Chef Laurier reveals his secrets for making tofu edible – delicious even. Flavoured Tofu butters and burgers will tempt vegetarians. Lasagna doesn’t need meat but can be made with polestar and roasted vegetables for a delicious main course. Meat-free eating is here to be explored.

Episode # 5127 – Pork with Chef Ned Bell

For Chef Ned Bell pork in this episode is all about adding a new twist to old family favourites. Brined pork chops stuffed with juicy fruit, roast pork tenderloin with a port cranberry sauce and more!

Episode # 5128 – Chocolate with Chef Michael Bonacini

Chef Michael Bonacini creates the unbelievable using everyone’s favourite – chocolate. From chocolate noodles or join him in a toast with a Spicy Hot chocolate cocktail on a cool winter’s day.

Episode # 5129 – Veal with Chef Rene Rodriguez

Chef Rene Rodriguez loves to cook with veal. In this episode we learn techniques in how to create main dishes – porcini dusted veal chops with a wild mushroom and Fava ragout to appetizers – veal in eggplant purses.

Episode # 5130 – Noodles with Chef Caroline McCann-Bizjak

Noodles, noodles and more noodles, Chef Caroline McCann-Bizjak shines new light on noodles and how to create new and exciting meals. How about some goat cheese & fresh herbed cappelletti with asparagus and brown sugar or scallops in a spicy both with soba noodles?

Episode # 5131 – Veggies with Chef Georges Laurier

No meat – No problem, Chef Georges Laurier will open your imagination with an amazing artichoke stew or how about a lettuce burger with roasted red pepper sauce. You will forget that you are eating veggie style.

Episode # 5132 – Sauces with Chef Tim McRoberts

From hot to sweet or cool and tangy Chef Tim McRoberts will introduce to you new sauce for every occasion. From a Piri-Piri sauce that will light any chicken on fire to 2 different port sauces that will add class to any meal.

Episode # 5133 – Salads with Chef Ned Bell

Need a new breakfast idea, watch how Chef Ned Bell pioneers the way with a breakfast salad that involves goat cheese. Want to impress that special someone, the lobster salad napoleon with pappadams will surly do the trick.

Episode # 5134 – Fish with Chef Michael Bonacini

In this episode, Chef Michael Bonacini coaches us on an eclectic mix of new and exciting ways the cook fish. From Haddock mousse stuffed Trout with a butter sauce to sesame crusted medallions of Cod with a red wine sauce; fish shall never taste the same.

Episode # 5135 – Soups with Chef Rene Rodriguez

Chef Rene Rodriquez adds new and improved taste to soups by relying on the best ingredients done simply. In the episode we will look at 5 different soups, from an asparagus and morel soup to a fish soup that we leave your taste buds wanting more.

Episode # 5136 – Curry with Chef Caroline McCann-Bizjak

Chef Carline McCann guides us into the under used world of curry.  Chef Caroline explains the complex layers to curry while teasing our taste buds with Thai green curry salmon and Southeast Asian pork curry recipes.

Episode # 5137 – Beef with Chef Georges Laurier

Chef George Laurier steers us in a new direction with beef. We learn new techniques that spice up old favourites. Chef George brings new life to Prime Rib when it is created with Pink and green peppercorn crust and Merlot gravy.

Episode # 5138 – Cakes and Icings with Chef Tim McRoberts

With ease and grace Chef Tim McRoberts instructs us how to bake like a chef. From using fondant to creating a master piece molten chocolate cake, this is one episode you should not miss.

Episode # 5139 – Saffron with Chef Ned Bell

Chef Ned Bell educates us in the delicate spice of Saffron.  We learn how to infuse the unique taste in dishes like Saffron mussel bisque and grouper with saffron-fennel compote.

Episode # 5140 – Nuts with Chef Michael Bonacini

Chef Michael Bonacini reveals the secret to cooking with nuts, experimenting with deep fried chestnut balls and maple syrup glazed pistachio pork roast.

Episode # 5141– Onions with Chef Rene Rodriguez

Chef Rene Rodriquez in this episode explains how to cook with ingredients that are thought of as side items.  We learn differently when we taste the Leek and artichoke heart tart with a molasses dressing.

Episode # 5142 – Chicken with Chef Caroline McCann

Chef Caroline McCann brings out the best in chicken when she creates a gourmet meal with chicken crêpes with asparagus and mushrooms.  She also shows her fun side when we learn her favourite grilled jerk chicken recipe.

Episode # 5143 – Squash with Chef Georges Laurier

Step away from the ordinary and to the world of squashes with Chef Gorges Laurier.

Chef Georges give you all the instructions needed to create amazing zucchini spaghetti with jumbo shrimp in a Thai green curry sauces.

Episode # 5144 – Pork with Chef Tim McRoberts

Chef Tim McRoberts shows great contras between the different cuts of pork meats.  We learn that pork can have many different sides to it.  From fabulous pork ribs to an easy recipe that has you flatten pork. This is an episode that will leave you inspired.

Episode # 5145 – Candy with Chef Ned Bell

Chef Ned Bell will bring you back to those good old days when your biggest worry was what to where to school the next day with his hazelnut caramels and gum drop recipes, they will surly make you feel 12 again.

Episode # 5146 – Appetizers with Chef Michael Bonacini

Need an excuse to through a dinner party?  Chef Michael Bonacini in this episode gives you 6 recipes that require no excuses. From mini crab cakes with a roasted red pepper sauces to a mango shrimp salad in a spring roll cup, your quest will leave your dinner party fulfilled.

Episode # 5147 – Mushrooms with Chef Rene Rodriguez

Captivating and innovative ways to cook with mushrooms. Chef Rene Rodriguez brings out the best in mushrooms with dishes such as mushroom and chevre tart or how about cheese, red pepper and mushroom strata to tantalize your taste buds?

Episode # 5148 – Fruit with Chef Caroline McCann-Bizjak

From breakfast to desserts Chef Caroline McCann-Bizjak inspires new recipes on fruit. From cranberry eggs Benedict to a cold honeydew & mint soup in a cantaloupe shell, fruit will never look the same.

Episode # 5149 – Chicken with Chef Georges Laurier

Chef Georges Laurier in this episode exposes us to the fascinating ways chicken can be arranged; from kolbasa sausage stuffed chicken legs with sweet compote or a baked chicken casserole with an apples potato crust. Don’t shy away from the unknown!

Episode # 5150 – Beef with Chef Tim McRoberts

In this episode Chef Tim McRoberts temps the carnivore in all of us. From steak and kidney pie with dark beer or who could pass up porcini-crusted filet mignon. Learn the best techniques that will never steer you wrong.

Episode # 5151 – Lamb with Chef Ned Bell

Explores classic ways to prepare lamb with Chef Ned Bell, he will elevated your imagination with mind numbing recipes, such as lamb in a fennel coconut sauce and a crown roast of lamb that is served with mustard rub and a shallot and mint sauce.

Episode # 5152 – Desserts with Chef Michael Bonacini

This episode is all about technique and taste, Chef Michael Bonacini once again will inspire you to want to explore the wonders of your kitchen. You will be amazed will the rhubarb and anise hyssop custard that you are encouraged to crate along with Chef Michael.

Episode # 5153- Salads no Greens with Chef Georges Laurier

Discover alternative ways to create salads with Chef Georges Laurier that involve looking beyond the ordinary.  Seafood salad in martini glasses or Asian beef salads in umbrellas are not ordinary but they are delicious!

Episode # 5154 – Shellfish with Chef Caroline McCann-Bizjak

Chef Caroline McCann-Bizjak adds her own touch to recipes that will make your month water. Try to withstand the temptation of crab & shrimp soufflé with roasted red peppers or her oysters. We dare you!

Episode # 5155 – Wine with Chef Tim McRoberts

Wines – not just a beverage! Chef Tim McRoberts explain the “wine” demands that are required for recipes such has pancetta wrapped salmon with a red wine butter sauce or seafood brochettes with tomato-basil champagne cream sauce.

Episode # 5156 – Potatoes with Chef Ned Bell

You say pə-tā-tō, I say pə-t


-tō but Chef Ned Bell has the last word when the dialogue is potatoes.  From building potato napoleons to adding ginger to sweet potato and cinnamon meringue there is no unturned potato left behind by our Chef.

Episode # 5157 – Game Birds with Chef Michael Bonacini

Have you ever wondered how to tea smoke a duck? Well today is your lucky day, Chef Michael Bonacini once again shines through with amazing knowledge and demonstrate his uncanny ability to make you want to go outside the box when cooking.

Episode # 5158 – Candy with Chef Georges Laurier

Marshmallows and sponge candy, those are Chef Georges Laurier favourites candies and he let’s us in on the little secret that, thing are only as hard as you make them and making candy is not that hard.  Join Chef George and learn the trick’s and trade of making candies.

Episode # 5159 – Lamb with Chef Caroline McCann-Bizjak

Chef Caroline McCann-Bizjak shows off her love of cooking while she prepares stuffed breast of lamb. Watch and learn ticks of the trade that not only make cooking easier but make it better!

Episode # 5160 – Veggies with Chef Tim McRoberts

Want to give your veggies a face lift? Try out Chef Tim McRoberts new recipes, beet custards with a roast Cornish hen, or how about vegetable and ricotta stuffed cabbage rolls with tomato sauce? You side dished will thank you.

Episode # 5161 – Chocolate with Chef Ned Bell

In this episode Chef Ned Bell will coach you in how to create 2 marvelous chocolate recipes.  You will start with a cranberry moussapolozza and finish with a mega chocolate cheesecake with a chocolate glaze.  These recipes will win you the gold medal with anyone and everyone you serve it to.

Episode # 5162 – Chicken with Chef Michael Bonacini

Ever wanted to learn how to stuff a boneless chicken? Well prepare for the adventure that Chef Michael Bonacini is willing to share with you.  You will explore the fascinating techniques that are in evolved in preparing a meal that is fit for your royal family.

Episode # 5163 – Hors D’oevres with Chef Caroline McCann-Bizjak

Everything you have every wanted to know about how to cook hors d’oevres is confirmed in this episode. Chef Caroline McCann-Bizjak demonstrates how to create wonderful puff pastry hors d’oevres, fishy hors d’oevres, meaty hors d’oevres and deep fried hors d’oevres. This one episode that should not be missed!

Episode # 5164 – Cheese with Chef Michael Bonacini

Cheese please! Chef Michael Bonacini takes you on a new exploration of the new world and your prize findings – are a beef fillet with gorgonzola cheese and funky parmesan soufflé. Enjoy!

Episode # 5165 – Fish with Chef Caroline McCann-Bizjak

1 Fish, 2 Fish, 3 Fish, we want more! He who asks shall receive.  Chef Caroline McCann-Bizjak takes you under the sea and shares her wonderful recipes that involve a baked red snapper wrapped in romaine with crisp wild rice cakes on the side.

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