Crate to Plate

Crate to Plate is a documentary television series that follows the amazing journey of a home-grown Canadian ingredient from its originating source to its final destination.

Each episode will capture four stages of an ingredient’s journey – its home, its harvest, its travel, its destination. In each of the stages we will meet incredible people – those who farm, those who package, those who transport and those who receive the bounty of incredible Canadian food stuffs. They will tell the story.

This is a documentary about a journey and the people who participate in the voyage of a home grown product from farm to crate to plate. Fast moving, informative, engaging and entertaining, Crate to Plate is prime time series designed to educate and encourage people to choose local Canadian ingredients when thinking about what they want for dinner.

Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Morels

In the stark ruins of a remote forest fire, morel mushrooms sprout in the ashes. Watch their journey across thousands of miles from forest to feast.

Episode 2 - Asparagus

From seed to stalk, from farm to table – watch the passionate story of how organic asparagus travels from a family farm in Ontario to a backyard BBQ.

Episode 3 - Cranberries

Millions of pounds of cranberries start their global journey from a Nova Scotia farm. Watch one batch make their way from field to Thanksgiving feast.

Episode 4 - Spot Prawns

From the cool clear blue waters of Vancouver to a beachside grill, watch the harrowing journey of a highly sought-after spot prawn.

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