DNA Dinners

DNA Dinners is a ground-breaking new series that explores the diverse heritages of 16 individuals as they discover their roots through DNA analysis and celebrate them through cooking.

In each episode, engaging host Tyrone Edwards introduces us to one individual who is unsure of where their ancestors come from. They’ve grown up with an idea of what their background may be, but Tyrone surprises each person with the results from their revolutionary DNA test. Following the big reveal, this individual explores their newfound background as they meet with an expert chef who shares iconic dishes and cooking techniques from their culture.

This unique culinary journey continues as Tyrone takes each person to the DNA Dinners kitchen. Working alongside a chef, each individual creates a delicious dish that beautifully blends the unique flavours and ingredients of their two cultures. As a celebration of their newfound heritage, the meal is then shared at a family party where Tyrone shocks everyone with one final surprise.
Through the exploration of cultures and cuisines, DNA Dinners reveals that food connects us to our history, and ultimately, will always bring us together.

Meet the Hosts

Episode Guide

Episode 1 – Meet Shameen Miller

Free-spirited Shameen Miller was born in South Africa but is unsure of where all her ancestors come from. While Shameen believed her heritage may have included South Asian or North African, she is surprised to find out she has roots from somewhere she never expected when dynamic host Tyrone Edwards shocks her with the results of her DNA test. As she embarks on a journey to discover her newfound culture, Tyrone introduces Shameen to an expert chef from her newfound culture. The chef inspires Shameen with traditional cooking techniques and iconic dishes from her new heritage. Tyrone then takes Shameen to the DNA Dinners kitchen, where she prepares a delicious dish that blends traditional ingredients and flavours from both her South African and newfound culture. Shameen then shares the delicious meal with her family and they try to guess what her newfound roots are before she finally reveals it to them. In a twist, host Tyrone then shocks the family by revealing there is yet another culture in Shameen’s background.

Episode 2 – Meet Andrea Titus

Foodie Andrea Titus knows she has Italian roots and thinks she may also have Latin roots, but she has no clear idea what other cultures make up her genetic background. Engaging host Tyrone Edwards shocks Andrea by revealing that her background includes a culture she never expected. To learn more about her newfound roots, Tyrone introduces Andrea to a chef from that culture, who teaches Andrea about their cooking traditions and iconic dishes. Andrea’s culinary adventure continues as Tyrone takes her to the DNA Dinners kitchen, where she cooks a dish that beautifully blends Italian cuisine with that of her newfound heritage. Andrea then shares this unique meal with her family, as they celebrate their ancestors. Throwing everyone for a loop, endearing host Tyrone then reveals Andrea’s background includes another culture.

Episode 3 – Meet Laid Hercules

Laird Hercules grew up in Canada with Guyanese parents, but he has no idea of what other cultures make up his genetic origin. Dynamic host Tyrone Edwards kicks off Laird’s journey of self-discovery by revealing the surprising results of his DNA analysis. Blown away by his DNA test, Laird then meets with a chef from his newfound culture to learn more about it through food. Next, Tyrone whisks Laird to the DNA Dinners kitchen, where his culinary adventure continues. Alongside a few assistant chefs, Laird whips up a delicious dish that blends his Guyanese and newfound roots. newfound culture. Laird then shares this unique dish with his family, revealing that they have a connection to a special culture. During the celebration, Finally, Tyrone surprises everyone with a final twist in Laird’s journey: there’s another culture that makes up Laird’s DNA.

Episode 4 – Meet Mary Bosco

Mary Bosco grew up in an Italian household, but she couldn’t help but wonder what other cultures make up her background. She knows that her grandmother was adopted, and that her grandfather has a Greek name, but she has no ideas about her heritage beyond that. Host Tyrone Edwards fills in the cultural blanks and surprises Mary with the shocking results of her DNA test. To get her acquainted with her newfound heritage, Tyrone introduces Mary to the owner and chef of a restaurant from her newfound culture. Tyrone then takes Mary to the DNA Dinners kitchen, where she embarks on the final leg of her culinary adventure. Alongside a few assistant chefs, Mary combines her Italian and newfound roots by cooking up one unique dish. Mary then shares the meal with family, as they try to guess where their newfound ancestors are from before Mary finally reveals it to them. Tyrone then has one final twist and surprises Mary with another heritage from her background.

Episode 5 – Meet Iafa Almeida Cac

Iafa Almedia Cac was born and raised in Brazil, but when she looks in the mirror, she sees facial features that aren’t quite Brazilian. Looking at her freckles and green eyes, she often asks herself “who am I?” DNA Dinners host Tyrone Edwards surprises Iafa with results of her high-tech DNA analysis and gives her some answers to that question. Iafa’s journey of self-discovery begins as Tyrone introduces her to a chef whose reveals to Iafa the rich cooking traditions from her newfound culture that have been passed down through the generations. The chef opens a new world to Iafa, introducing her to the iconic dishes that are quintessential to her newfound culture. Iafa’s culinary journey continues as Tyrone brings her to the DNA Dinners kitchen, where she blends ingredients from her known and newfound culture into one incredible dish. Iafa then shares this unique meal with her loving family, who celebrate their newfound roots and the food that connects them. To everyone’s surprise, Tyrone then reveals to
Iafa and her family that there is even more to her cultural background than they know.

Episode 6 – PJ Kerr

PJ (Peter-John) Kerr was raised in a Jamaican household—his paternal family’s culture—but he wants to know more about his mother’s family. PJ feels there is a disconnect from his mother’s heritage now that his family has been in Canada for four generations. What PJ does know is that his mother’s family may have roots in Scotland and Ireland, but he has always suspected there was more to the story and he’s eager to find out where he comes from with the help of host Tyrone Edwards leading the way. Using the results of a DNA test, Tyrone surprises PJ with a new link to his background and introduces him to a new culture to explore. PJ learns more about his newfound culture with the help of the owner and chef
of a restaurant. After, PJ is whisked to the DNA Dinners kitchen, where he works alongside chefs to combine his Jamaican cuisine with his new heritage to create a unique dish. PJ then shares the meal with his family and friends who try to guess his newfound culture.

Episode 7 – Meet Bianca Osbourne

Bianca Osbourne grew up knowing little about her family history other than her parents’ immediate connections to Barbados and Trinidad. Both countries being colonized, she knows there’s more cultural history in her family and she’s excited to discover more about her background. Host Tyrone Edwards is eager to help and after revealing the shocking results from her DNA test, they set out to fill in the blanks. Tyrone introduces
Bianca to her newfound heritage with the help of an expert chef who teaches her some key facts about her culture with an iconic dish. Bianca then moves to the DNA Dinners kitchen where she works to blend her two cultures into one delicious dish. Bianca brings together new and old by sharing this delightful dish with her family and friends, revealing her newfound knowledge with those around her. Tyrone adds one final surprise
by revealing one last culture for her to explore.

Episode 8 – Meet Jacob Ahee

Jacob Ahee was raised knowing his British roots but is eager to learn more about his paternal ancestry. His father’s side of the family is a complete mystery that Jacob is determined to solve and explore. Using DNA results, host Tyrone Edwards introduces Jacob to a new side of his ancestry. To give Jacob some guidance, Tyrone and Jacob meet up with the owner and chef of a restaurant that specializes in his newfound culture. Gaining facts and tips about his roots, Jacob then moves to the DNA Dinners kitchen where he embarks on a journey to create a dish that highlights both of his cultures. Jacob shares the dish with friends and family, having them guess his new heritage throughout the meal. At the end of the dinner, Jacob is shocked by Tyrone who reveals another culture from his background.

Episode 9 – Meet Jesse Magallanes

Jesse Magallanes was raised knowing about his Argentinian roots but knows there’s more to his family history. His family’s knowledge beyond Jesse’s grandparents is sparse. DNA Dinners host Tyrone Edwards shocks Jesse with an unexpected result from his DNA test. To help Jesse learn about his heritage, Tyrone introduces Jesse to an expert chef who teaches him about his newfound culture. Alongside expert chefs, Jesse works in the DNA Dinners kitchen to combine his cultures through the creation of a new delicious dish. Jesse then shares his new meal with his family before revealing his newfound heritage. Jesse has one last shock as Tyrone introduces another culture from his background.

Episode 10 – Meet Chelsea Richards

Chelsea Richards comes from a Jamaican family but suspects that there is more to her ancestry. Little is known about her maternal family because her mother was an orphan. Chelsea is close with her father, who cooked her traditional Jamaican dishes such as jerk pork and oxtail when she was growing up. Chelsea wants to find out more about her heritage so that her son will have a clearer sense of their history. Enter endearing DNA
Dinners host Tyrone Edwards, who gives Chelsea the shock of her life by revealing the results of her DNA test. To learn more about her newfound heritage, Tyrone introduces Chelsea to an expert chef. In the expert chef’s kitchen, Chelsea is welcomed to a world of new flavours and iconic ingredients that are a part of her ancestry. Chelsea’s emotional journey of self discovery continues as Tyrone whisks her away to the DNA Dinners kitchen. She cooks up a meal that beautifully blends traditional Jamaican ingredients with the flavors of her newfound heritage. At the DNA Dinners table, Chelsea serves her family and friends her dish where they all guess her new culture. In another shocking reveal, Tyrone reveals to Chelsea’s family that they have a third culture that makes up their ancestry.

Episode 11 – Meet Carmen Araiza

Carmen Araiza was born and raised in Mexico but wants to learn more about her ancestry. Growing up, Carmen was very close with her mother and loved to cook traditional Mexican recipes for her family. However, Carmen’s maternal grandmother passed away soon after her mother’s birth, closing the door to learning more about her family. Very little is known about Carmen’s father and her paternal family because her parents separated when she was young. Before Carmen’s mother passed away, she revealed that they may have Italian roots. Carmen misses her mother and wants to learn more about their ancestry to feel closer to her and find out more about her family. Host Tyrone Edwards visits Carmen, who prepares a traditional Mexican ceviche, which was a favourite recipe of her mothers. After learning more about her Mexican heritage, Tyrone then tells Carmen the exciting results of her DNA test, revealing a culture that Carmen had not suspected was part of her ancestry. Tyrone then introduces Carmen to an expert chef who inspires Carmen in the kitchen with iconic dishes and flavours that make Carmen’s newfound heritage unique. Carmen’s culinary
journey continues as Tyrone brings her to the DNA Dinners kitchen. A passionate home cook, Carmen immerses herself in her new culture through cooking. Using wholesome ingredients, Carmen creates a dish that is a flavourful blend of her two cultures. Carmen serves her friends her delicious dish at a dinner party where they celebrate her ancestry. But Tyrone has one last surprise for Carmen – he has another shocking DNA result!

Episode 12 – Meet Tara Broadbent

Tara Broadbent was adopted at 2 months old into a loving family. For the most part, her ancestry is a mystery. Growing up, she learned that her biological mother was Hungarian but found no information about her father. Tara wants to start her own family and be able to tell her future children about their ancestors. She thinks that she may have Italian, Greek, or South African roots, but DNA Dinners host Tyrone Edwards informs her that all her guesses are wrong. After the shocking reveal of her DNA test results, Tara embarks on a culinary journey of self-discovery. At her first stop, Tara meets with an expert chef who introduces her to the fascinating flavours and iconic ingredients that are a part of her newfound heritage. Tara is truly touched by this experience, after years of visiting with friends who celebrate their unique cultures through food and family traditions. Tyrone then brings Tara to the DNA Dinners kitchen where she cooks a delightful dish that combines her Hungarian and newly discovered heritage. At a heartwarming dinner party with her family, Tara proudly shares her meal that is as unique as her. After some happy tears, Tara surprises her family with her DNA results. But the shock of Tara’s life comes at the end of this episode as Tyrone reveals yet another culture that makes up her ancestry.

Episode 13 – Meet Denise Oliveira

Denise Oliveira comes from a tight-knit Uruguayan family but knows little about her ancestry beyond her grandparents. She believes that she may have German roots, but she wants definitive answers about her lineage. To her surprise, host Tyrone Edwards reveals that her guess was entirely wrong and gives her the results of her DNA test. Despite the shocking reveal, Denise is relieved to find out where she comes from and is eager to explore her new ancestry. Denise begins her culinary journey, learning more about her newfound heritage through food. First, she meets with an expert chef who opens her eyes to a new world of flavour and cultural traditions. After enjoying a delicious spread of authentic dishes from her newfound background, Denise joins the expert chef in the kitchen where they prepare an iconic meal. Next, Denise is whisked away to the DNA Dinners kitchen where she cooks a dish that combines her Uruguayan heritage with her newfound culture. She then joins her friends and family where they celebrate Denise’s unique background while sharing the beautiful meal that she has prepared. Host Tyrone then reveals more results from her DNA test, giving Denise a complete picture of her cultural background.

Episode 14 – Meet Martina Castillo

Born in Colombia, Martina Castillo moved to Canada when she was 8 years old. Lacking a relationship with her mother, half of her family’s history is a mystery. Now, at age 20, she feels like she’s missing a link to her roots. She looks different from her blue-eyed siblings, and Martina craves answers to the questions about her heritage. When host Tyrone Edwards reveals her surprise DNA results, Martina embarks on the adventure of a lifetime as she discovers her newfound ancestry. First, Martina and Tyrone visit an expert chef and explore the iconic dishes and traditional flavours belonging to her newly uncovered heritage. After learning to cook a traditional meal, Martina is whisked off to the DNA Dinners kitchen, where she cooks a unique dish that blends her Colombian roots with the flavours and ingredients of her newfound background. Finally, Martina serves dinner to her family and friends at the DNA Dinners table, who all take turns guessing her newfound roots. After the culture is revealed to Martina’s loved ones,
Tyrone has one more surprise up his sleeve: another shocking reveal from her DNA test!

Episode 15 – Meet Jamila Doncher

Jamila Doncher was raised in a Filipino household and knows her paternal family are Caribbean, but feels there’s more to her background because she feels her features are different compared to the rest of her family. As Jamilla prepares to start a family of her own, she wants to know more about her ancestry and to celebrate her newfound roots. Enter dynamic host Tyrone Edwards, who gives Jamila the answers she’s been searching for her whole life. After Tyrone gives Jamila the results of her DNA test,they’re off to visit an expert chef, who teaches Jamila more about her newfound
culture through food. After Jamila learns how to make an iconic meal from her new culture, she and Tyrone head back to the DNA Dinners kitchen. Here, it’s Jamila’s turn to create a dish of her own that blends Filipino cuisine with her newfound heritage. She then shares this truly unique meal with her loved ones, who try and guess at Jamila’s new culture. After dinner, Tyrone shocks Jamila one last time: there’s another heritage in
her background.

Episode 16 – Meet Kelly Harvey-Mycula

Kelly Harvey-Mycula knows that she has a mixed European background with Polish Ukrainian, Welsh, and Irish roots. Kelly yearns to learn more about her heritage before she makes some big life changes. Her family history is convoluted and tracing her lineage is complicated, but Kelly wants to learn more about her identity. Kelly thinks she may have Asian or Eastern European roots, but host Tyrone Edwards informs her that her guess are wrong and shares the results of her DNA test. After the shocking reveal, Kelly and Tyrone head off to meet an expert chef who introduces Kelly to the cuisine of her newfound background. Together, they prepare an iconic meal while Kelly learns more about the traditional flavours and ingredients of her newfound ancestry. Following, Kelly heads to the DNA Dinners kitchen, where she prepares a dish that is a unique culinary blend of her Ukrainian roots with the cuisine of her new culture. Kelly serves this cultural mash-up meal to her friends and family, who celebrate Kelly’s heritage in the most loving way possible. Then, Tyrone leaves everyone speechless when he reveals another shocking result from her DNA test.

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