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Fresh Market Dinners is a travelling cooking series that takes us on a Canadian culinary journey from market to plate. Endearing host Amanda Herrera brings us to farmers’ markets, where she discovers local produce and artisanal products, while learning more about the people who harvest the ingredients. Following her market adventure, Amanda drives her retro teardrop trailer to her fabulously cozy outdoor kitchen, where she cooks up inspiring recipes using the fresh food bounty she discovered that day.

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Episode 1 – Honey, Cherries, Garlic Scapes & Carrots

This episode of Fresh Market Dinners, it’s all about easy meals and a decadent dessert made with wholesome ingredients from the local farmers’ market. Host Amanda Herrera shows us two tasty sides that pair well with any protein. First, she brushes sweet wildflower honey from the local beekeepers onto the fresh carrots she discovered earlier that day. She then grills the carrots to a crispy and flavourful perfection. For the next side dish, Amanda shows us how to mellow out the strong flavour of fresh garlic scapes she picked up from the market. Her secret? The grill! She grills the scapes and then whips up her very own homemade mayonnaise to add to her creamy Grilled Garlic Scape Potato Salad. Now, it’s time for dessert! Amanda transforms market fresh sweet dark cherries into a juicy filling for a flaky pastry. Topped with fragrant basil straight from the farmer, this Cherry Basil Galette is impossible to resist.

Episode 2 – Sprouts, Veggies & Potatoes

Host Amanda Herrera takes us to the Ancaster Farmers’ Market, where she picks up crunchy veggies, beautiful sprouts and earthy potatoes. She then takes us to her fabulous outdoor kitchen, where she creates two inspiring fresh summer salads. For her first salad, Amanda uses a vegetable peeler to shave carrots and a yellow zucchini into colourful ribbons. She then combines her ribbons with the plethora of crunchy sprouts she discovered earlier that day, before drizzling it with a creamy vinaigrette. For her second salad, Amanda mixes sliced market fresh radishes and apples with bib lettuce to make a light, crunchy meal. Then, Amanda cooks up a hearty One Pan Green Eggs and Ham using fingerling potatoes from the famous Potato Kids and leafy green lambs quarters.

Episode 3 – Kohlrabi, Fennel, Kale & Red Cabbage

Fresh ingredients are the best inspiration for every meal. Innovative cook Amanda Herrera gets creative with her fresh bounty by transforming carrots from the farmers’ market into a meatless hot dog. She uses veggie stock to infuse these faux hot dogs with loads of flavour and adds a smokey taste with paprika. She then tops her carrot hot dog with a quick, crunchy, and tangy slaw using market fresh kohlrabi and red cabbage. For her second dish, Amanda grills licoricey fennel and earthy kale to make an intriguing side for grilled sushi grade tuna. She then whips up a sweet and tangy tahini miso sauce with shelled peas to pull together the unique flavours and textures of this dish, adding a little zing to this fresh market dinner

Episode 4 – Raspberries, Mint, Peas & Apricot

Fresh produce and meeting the people who harvest the ingredients is why going to the farmers’ market is an enriching experience. For her dinner inspiration, host Amanda Herrera visits the St. Jacobs Market where she picks up shelled peas, fresh mint, sweet raspberries and plump apricots. She then goes to her picturesque outdoor kitchen where she combines fragrant mint and fresh peas for a warm, creamy risotto and pairs it with a refreshingly cool Cucumber-Raspberry Mojito. A squeeze of tangy lime, aromatic mint, sweet raspberries, and a spritz of white rum will quench your thirst, especially after a warm day at the market. Next, Amanda transforms market fresh apricots and berries into a delectable chutney. A little sweet, a little savoury, and a lot of delicious, this fruit chutney is impeccable when paired with a crispy trout fillet.

Episode 5 – Collard Greens, Maple Syrup, Goat Cheddar & Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes

Tasting fresh ingredients, making new friends and checking out the bountiful harvest are all activities that host Amanda Herrera loves to do on a sunny Saturday morning. In this episode of Fresh Market Dinners, Amanda uses leafy collard greens, earthy mushrooms, and savoury garlic scapes that she picked up from the market to cook up a mouth-watering stovetop frittata. Revealing her top secrets to the perfect frittata with crisp edges and a fluffy middle, this is a recipe that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds. Next, Amanda skewers some juicy chicken skewers with aromatic rosemary and grills it to perfection. She then uses creamy goat cheddar cheese and sweet heirloom cherry tomatoes from the market to make a flavourful panzanella.

Episode 6 – Broccoli, Rainbow Chard & Herbs

You can always find amazing produce at the farmers’ market! Host Amanda Herrera picks up some fresh broccoli and vibrant rainbow chard on her market adventure and is inspired to prepare a stunning appetizer called Veggie Bagna Cauda. Bagna Cauda is Italian for “hot bath,” which is exactly what Amanda does with her blanched veggies when she dips it in this flavourful garlic-infused hot oil. Next on the Fresh Market Dinners menu, the best – and easiest – French fries you’ve ever tasted! Amanda shows us how to fry the potatoes in cold oil for a healthier version of a typically deep-fried dish. Served with a lovely summer sea bass rubbed with aromatic basil and fragrant oregano from the market, this dish is a fresh take on the typical fish and chips.

Episode 7 – Honeycomb, Shallots & Iceberg Lettuce

Host Amanda Herrera visits the Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market and picks up inspiring wholesome ingredients for two fresh market dinners. Leafy greens are the star
of Amanda’s first dish as she prepares a delicious summer salad with five types of lettuce. She adds a nutty crunch with some peanut oil-fried shallots from the
market, then incorporates a little sweetness with some soft plums, and drizzles the salad with a light rice wine vinaigrette. Next up, she uses honey she picked
up from a local vendor to cook up a one pot Honeycomb Lamb Curry. This aromatic dish features rich lamb, starchy sweet potatoes, sweet honeycomb,
and a medley of fragrant spices that are sure to invigorate your taste buds.

Episode 8 – Patty Pans Summer Squash & Cabbage

In this episode of Fresh Market Dinners, host Amanda Herrera grills up all the ingredients she discovers at the farmers’ market. First, Amanda stuffs patty pan
squash with an earthy combination of mushrooms and fragrant thyme and grills everything on the barbeque. Charred-to-perfection and bursting with loads of
textures and flavours, these gorgeous Stuffed Patty Pans are an irresistible dinner that will have you coming back for more. Then, Amanda barbeques cabbage
that’s fresh from the market. When grilled, the cabbage becomes sweet and tender, with little crispy bits. To ramp up the flavour, Amanda adds a handful of
thick, salty bacon and drizzles it with homemade ranch sauce.

Episode 9 – Beans, Raspberry Jam & Relish

Farmers’ markets inspire us to make delicious dishes using fresh ingredients and intriguing artisanal products. Using crunchy yellow beans that she discovered at the Brockville Farmers’ Market, host Amanda Herrera coats the beans in a panko breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese then fries it to transform it into crispy, golden “fries.” Amanda then adds a refreshing and savoury homemade tartar as her dipping sauce for her bean fries. But nothing goes better with fresh market fries than a fresh market burger, of course! A bold peppercorn-crusted patty topped with market fresh ketchup and relish, and crispy lettuce is this one tasty meal. Finally, Amanda prepares a refreshing vodka Raspberry Jam Smash cocktail, to help wash down the juicy burgers.

Episode 10 – Cream, Sunflower Oil & Cherry Tomatoes

Fun host Amanda Herrera finds a beautiful sunflower oil at the Kingston Farmers’ Market and uses it to create a fresh pesto sauce. Brimming with flavour, she then combines leafy kale with sweet cherry tomatoes found at the market and adds it to linguine to create a hearty fresh market dinner. Next, Amanda whips up a unique and sweet dessert – Grilled Baguette and Butter Pudding. She combines creamy butter, fresh milk, and thick organic cream from the market to make this the ultimate indulgent treat.

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