Junk Brothers

Junk Brothers is a fast-paced television series that follows the adventures of two brothers and their junk to funk furniture transformations.

In each episode our hosts Jim and Steve Kelley, a.k.a. “the Junk Brothers,” stealthily save curbside castoff furniture from the refuse bin under cover of the night.  They whisk the items away to their workshop and transform the trash into incredible pieces of furniture that maintain at least a hint of their former battered selves.

Once complete, our dynamic duo silently returns the restored pieces to their original homes and watch as the homeowners are dazzled and mystified at the surprise restoration before them:  they’ve just had a visit from the Junk Brothers.

Meet the Hosts

Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Dresser & The Stove

Under the cover of night Steve and Jim find some great junk and give each piece a new lease on life. Steve transforms a simple dresser into a functional and spicy kitchen island. Jim puts the peddle to the metal and turns an old stove into a hot bbq on wheels. The homeowners who trashed these treasures are stunned when their junk is returned made over.

Episode 2 - The Desk & The Bike

The cluttered curbs serve up some real gems this time. The brothers grab an old desk and a beaten up bicycle. With the ol’ one-two – Steve and Jim transform the art deco desk into beautiful bedside tables. Next they spin things out of control and turn an old bike into a ceiling fan! Wait until you see the homeowners react when they check out these transformations!

Episode 3 - The Bedroom Dresser & The Entertainment Unit

It’s a well known fact that trash can talk, so taking a cue from the baby shower balloons in the garbage, Steve reworks a boring bedroom dresser into a multifunctional baby station with a beach and animal theme. Jim finds a retro entertainment unit and gives it a modern facelift turning it into a pimped out bar.

Episode 4 - The Two Tables

See who's got game as both brothers scoop up tables from the trash to transform. Jim is inspired by the need for speed as he creates a video game table for car fanatics. Steve sticks to the traditional and incorporates chess and backgammon into a wooden work of art that thrills the homeowners who originally tossed it to the curb.

Episode 5 - The Bed Frame and The Guitar

Go big or go home – or do both! Steve and Jim take an old bed frame and use it to build a majestic hallway bench with anything but a sleepy style. Then they rock’n’roll a broken guitar into one serious stereo sound system.

Episode 6 - The TV and The Couch

What do you do when your couch is old and broken and your tv is no longer functional? Let the Junk Brothers at em! Steve gives a beat up couch a major facelift with new fabric and some copper cushions that double as side tables. Jim acts a little fishy and incorporates the face of a broken TV into an aquarium that doubles as a coffee table.

Episode 7 - The Side Table and The Kitchen Table

A night on the town has the brothers all tabled out. They give a low lying side table a face lift that tells time by changing it into a hallway clock. Then the boys rack ‘em up and turn a traditional kitchen table into a pool table.

Episode 8 - The Banquette and The Dresser

Jim and Steve incorporate everything including a bathroom sink into an old banquette credenza that they turn into a Zen inspired bathroom vanity. Then Steve goes crazy for boxes and gives a simple bedroom dresser a new design and a new function as a media cabinet with a hide away television.

Episode 9 - The Round Table and The Futon

Jim and Steve scrounge the neighbourhood junk bins and head back to the workshop with a simple round table and a broken old futon bed. They put their cards on the table and meet the challenge head on turning the table into a trendy poker table with retractable chip storage and drink holding arms. Steve then impresses his brother by taking the simple futon and transforming it into an outdoor double patio lounger.

Episode 10 - The Chair and The Trunk

Steve and Jim got trunk in their junk and a seat in their boot! Huh? The brothers rip down a filthy broken upholstered chair and build it back up into a love seat. Then they incorporate pieces of a broken cedar trunk into a stunning new gym equipment cabinet.

Episode 11 - The BBQ and The Antique Bed

Let there be fire! Jim saves an old bbq from the garbage. He welds and meshes and slathers on stucco until this junky old bbq is transformed into a hot outdoor fireplace. Waste not want not! Steve takes an antique bed and uses almost every inch to adorn his classic version of a china cabinet.

Episode 12 - The Recliner and The Bed Frame

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Jim and Steve rip and tear into an old recliner then dress it up in leather and accessorize it with surround sound speakers and side table refrigerators - all the necessary comforts for an evening in front of the TV. Next the brothers take a stand and use an old bed frame to support a new harvest table.

Episode 13 - The Dryer and The Bookcase

With a little imagination, some interesting junk, and some skilled hands you can get some cool stuff! Jim finds a broken dryer and with a little tweak, a little teak and a lot of freak – poof! - you get a gorgeous computer desk and an office chair made from a dryer drum. Steve plays it “safe” and converts a simple wooden bookcase into a work of art with secret storage compartments for the spy in all of us.

Episode 14 - The Lawnmower and The Dining Chairs

Why mow the lawn in the heat of summertime when you could sit on the lawn and enjoy a nice cold beverage? This is Jim’s philosophy when he flips a rusted lawnmower into a funky multi-level bar and drink caddy! Steve takes a more traditional approach to his junk find and turns dining room chairs into a royal blue cushioned day bed fit for a king.

Episode 15 - The Trunk and The Rowing Machine

Steve hopes for treasure when the brothers find an old wooden trunk on the curb. The boys clean it up and turn it into the ultimate home necessity – a front hall catch-all, with space for everything. Jim is up for the work out with an old rowing machine. The brothers transform the original piece into a modern chair with a moveable foot stool – no exercise necessary!

Episode 16 - The Blue Bed Frame and The Lounge Chair

A dull blue metal bed frame gets new life when the brothers incorporate it into a cozy indoor electric fireplace with seating for two. A landfill-bound lounge chair is restored & modernized in both shape and colour while still maintaining its original function and charm. When these go back the homeowners who tossed the junk are stunned and amazed

Episode 17 - The Cafe Chairs and The Skis

The brothers give the world of wine a try when they use trashed café chairs to create a totally out-of-this world arbor/wine station. Steve is inspired to use a pair of vintage skis cast to the curb as the framework for a glass curio cabinet – perfect to highlight any great sportsman’s trophies.

Episode 18 - The Two Benches

The hunt for junk results in a battle of the benches as both brothers take a crack at giving their bench finds a new look. Music is the inspiration for Jim as he converts a rickety rod iron bench into a rockin’ keyboard station with musical decorative elements. Steve gets into the swing of things when he brings an old broken wooden bench back to life as a canopied bench swing. The homeowners shake rattle and roll when they see how their junk has taken on new life.

Episode 19 - The Bird Bath and The Antique Chair

It’s a garbage gold mine for the brothers when they find a totally unique rusted bird bath & a misunderstood antique chair. The bird bath is turned on its head and transformed into a one of a kind outdoor lantern and water feature. The antique chair is a stunner and a rare find. The brothers show their passion for antiques and restore the chair originally built in the 1800’s back to the future.

Episode 20 - The Rattan Base and The Computer Monitor

Talk about inspiration! With Morpheus’ help Steve & Jim turn a bare rattan frame into a coffee table/ottoman with room for storage & a picture perfect touch. An old computer monitor releases Jim’s inner artist as he creates a fully loaded artist’s table with an easy to clean easel and a comfortable stool to match.

Episode 21 - The Art Deco Table and The Round Coffee Table

Jim & Steve’s individual talents shine as they turn two different tables from the trash into two totally different creations! Jim is motivated by the art deco style of his small table find and incorporates his junk into a newly built compact computer table with a retractable monitor. Steve thinks classic lounge and flips his simple oval table into a curved back loveseat.

Episode 22 - The Chair with Bench and The Wooden Slats

The brothers score when they find a great matching chair & bench in the trash. Making sure to keep the pieces recognizable to the homeowner the guys use cast iron elements & barn board to create a deluxe outdoor garden station. Setting the record for the smallest to BIGGEST transformation, some abandoned wooden slats are reborn as a gigantic wooden frame which supports the all-in-one backyard relaxation station – a massaging hammock! These trash to treasure fix ups leave the homeowners stunned and amazed.

Episode 23 - The Coffee Table and The Iron Gate

A veneered coffee table gets a totally new life in the home as it is built into a standing wardrobe. A trashed iron gate presents a real challenge for the guys as a fire & water focus comes into play. A little welding and some creative glass work makes what was once a railing now a fabulous fireplace screen with an underwater theme.

Episode 24 - The Wooden Bucket and The Shutter Door

An interesting wooden slated planter is the ultimate inspiration for a glass-top bucket inspired table sure to fit in any home. A junked shutter door becomes a sight to be seen when it is built into a coastline inspired canopy bed. Both classic pieces do what Jim & Steve love best – they bring smiles to the surprised homeowners’ faces!

Episode 25 - The Bikes and The Folding Chairs

From riding bikes to rocking out, Jim incorporates his love for both in turning two children’s bikes into a karaoke stage with all the trimmings. Waste is not an option with Steve as he uses every piece of trashed wooden folding chairs to build a beautiful vanity table, sure to impress the lady of the house! The homeowners who get these pieces back will be talking about this junk to funk for a long time.

Episode 26 - The Golf Bag and The Stereo Credenza

The homeowner that threw his golf bag out in the trash may have given up on his game, but the Junk Brothers haven’t! This vintage golf bag makes an awesome lamp for the home or office (and the retractable putting green that’s built in is bound to get this homeowner putting again!) Instead of holding records this old-school stereo credenza will be holding snacks as it is turned into an upright pantry cabinet.

Episode 27 - The Sewing Table and The Red Bureau

Clothing is no longer an option for an old red bureau and an antique sewing table when Jim and Steve find them cast aside on the curb. Jim sees the “pop-tential” in sewing table and flips it into a popcorn machine. Steve gets regal and transforms the bureau into four gorgeous leather dining chairs.

Episode 28 - The Circular Table and The Car Seats

One person’s junk is another person’s treasure! Steve gives a broken down chrome edged bar height table a new lease on life as a stunning semi circular curio cabinet and Jim dresses up some old car seats Hollywood style.

Episode 29 - The BBQ & The Bed Frame

Jim keeps a junk’d bbq from Atlanta hot with an all new dual design for the patio while Steve goes leopard wild on a tossed bed frame. The restored junk is received with tears of joy and amazement when the brothers bring the not so junky “junk” home.

Episode 30 - The Windows and The Sink

Steve and Jim play junk ‘seek and find’ in Atlanta and get lost in the multitude of streets named PEACHTREE. As a result, Steve decides to use Peachtree’s as the main design influence on flipping old windows into a giant entertainment cabinet. Jim is on time and on style converting the kitchen sink into a stand up clock.

Episode 31 - The Ironing Board and The Table and Chairs

Jim finds peace and serenity in an old ironing board and flips it into a front hall water feature while Steve gives an antique dining room set an unbelievable and seamless renovation into a writing desk.

Episode 32 - The Metal Planter and The Rocker

The swirls of inspiration are hard at work in a stunning new bathroom vanity dictated by an old rusted out planter Jim finds on the Atlanta curbside. Steve marries an old rocking chair and piano parts into one finely tuned bench.

Episode 33 - The Sink and The Metal Bed

Sometimes junk is for the birds or at least Jim thinks so when he takes an old bathroom sink and works it into an artistic version of a bird bath. Steve slays and old metal bed and turns it into a bench with a dragon theme.

Episode 34 - The Fan and The Vinyl Chair

The blade of a broken floor fan becomes the propeller to an imaginative display of an antique plane in Jim’s version of a fighter pilot coffee table. Steve flips an old vinyl arm chair into a stunning leather covered….Chesser…tune in for clarification on that one!

Episode 35 - The Skis and The Red Cafe Chairs

The brothers work hard to turn a pile of skis into a seriously cool winter sports storage cabinet with a view. Then they work some tossed metal chairs into a fresh new bathroom piece with a concrete sink.

Episode 36 - The Kitchen Table and The Art Deco Dresser

Jim finds a ‘steel’ when he grabs a 1960’s chrome legged table on the curbside and transforms it into a stylish wet bar. Steve takes veneering to a new level giving an old art deco dresser an incredible transformation into a stunning office desk.

Episode 37 - The Carved Dresser and The Fireplace Set

Steve finds a stunner in the junk piles of Atlanta when he comes across and antique dresser. The brothers work as a team to give the dresser a classic new look as a bookcase with a hidden writing table. Jim goes up in flames while taking a junk’d fireplace tool set and converting it into a Phoenix inspired mailbox ! Perfect for the city that rose from the ashes after the civil war.

Episode 38 - The Fridge and The Pine Dresser

An old fridge door give the Junk Brothers a flip when they work it into a dual purpose piece. Pull on the fridge door handle now and it goes from a desk backsplash to a sofa! Then Steve takes a pine dresser he found cast aside on the streets of Atlanta and turns it into a worldly cedar lined storage trunk.

Episode 39 - The Stereo Cabinet and The Traffic Light

It’s all about noise when Jim and Steve flip an old stereo cabinet from the trash bin into a beautiful pantry for a kitchen. Then they give a traffic light a new glow as an alarming bedside table.

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