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Let’s Brunch is a delightful cooking series dedicated to everyone’s favorite leisurely and decadent mid-morning meal. Hosted by the bubbly Vanessa Gianfrancesco (One World Kitchen, Pressure’s ON), Let’s Brunch showcases sweet and savory recipes, along with the occasional refreshing beverage or cozy latte. Whether you’re looking to impress your guests with a luxurious spread or want to enjoy a long comfortable morning on your own, Vanessa offers a brunch for every occasion.

Set in a warm and inviting kitchen, Vanessa inspires with creative recipes using wholesome ingredients while giving her tips on how to perfect the art of brunch. each episode of Let’s Brunch features four delicious dishes that are a mix of flavors and textures that are sure to satisfy every taste bud. From a sophisticated Lobster Eggs Benedict, to an indulgent Brunch Burger or soothing Turmeric Ginger Latte, your morning is sure to become brighter and more delicious. Let’s Brunch!

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Episode 1 – Healthy Start

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but warm host Vanessa Gianfrancesco likes to kick off her day with brunch! In this episode of Let’s Brunch, we join Vanessa in her inviting kitchen as she whips up a healthy and delicious meal that’ll keep your energy up and your belly full. To start, Vanessa makes a sweet, savoury and sour Avocado, Grapefruit, and Bacon Breakfast Salad. The creamy avocado, tart grapefruit, and salty bacon is a recipe that is sure to perk you right up in the morning. Next, Vanessa bakes crispy and sweet Cherry Almond Butter Granola Bars. Crunchy and packed full of healthy ingredients such as almond butter and flax seeds, Vanessa’s granola bars may become a regular recipe
for your morning. For her third dish, Vanessa brings some greens to the table with her Baked Eggs with Spinach and Zucchini. Zested with dill, lemon, and feta, this dish is full of flavour and packs a protein punch. Vanessa turns to fruit for her final dish, whipping up a fresh Blueberry Smoothie Bowl. To bring it all together, Vanessa mixes up a warm Turmeric Ginger Latte, full of soothing spices that will add extra
leisure to your brunch.

Episode 2 – Pancake Brunch

Pancakes are a classic staple for brunch and host Vanessa Gianfrancesco puts her own twist on this traditional dish with four fun new recipes. Starting off, Vanessa whips up some fluffy and tender Buttermilk Pancakes and compliments her warm meal with a simple and sweet Maple Chai Au Lait. Next, Vanessa mixes up a new way to feed a crowd with her easy and tasty Overnight Pancake Casserole. Made with creamy custard, blueberry sauce and crunchy candied pecans, this casserole has all the flavour with none of the stress. Prep it the night before and the morning will bring nothing but good times. Moving on from sweet, Vanessa brings Korean flavours to her kitchen with a savoury Green Onion Pancake. The soft cake with sesame seed crunch and flavourful scallions offers a great alternative to the traditional sweet., For her final dish Vanessa takes her pancake on a global tour with a succulent Switzerland dish: Rosti! Tossing together potatoes, bacon, and a few of her favourite toppings, Vanessa’s crispy potato pancakes are sure to win over everyone at your brunch table.

Episode 3 – Champagne Brunch

Charming host Vanessa Gianfrancesco add some class to her brunch table with deliciously fancy recipes for those mid-mornings that you want to
impress your guests. Beginning with her drink, Vanessa mixes up a sweet and bubbly Rosemary Pomegranate Fizz. Sweet pomegranate syrup is
infused with aromatic rosemary before Vanessa pours over bubbly water. Looking to add more luxury to your morning? Vanessa recommends substituting the fizzy water for prosecco. With her drink ready to go, Vanessa moves on to her light and flaky Scones, sharing her secrets on
how to bake that perfect golden-brown pastry. Next, Vanessa brings the ultimate decadent dish to her kitchen: Lobster Eggs Benedict. Layering
the bottom of her dish with her freshly made scones, Vanessa gives us tips on how to perfectly poach an egg and how to achieve a silky smooth
hollandaise. For her third dish, Vanessa goes for sweet and savoury, cooking up Apple Cheddar Crepes. Filled with sweet apples and tangy
cheddar, this dish is a sure way to treat yourself after a long week. To finish off, Vanessa goes for gourmet by whipping up a melt in your mouth
Mushroom Croissant Bake. Filled with salty pancetta, egg, flavourful cheese, and topped with earthy mushrooms, this savoury dish is the perfect indulgence for an over-the-top weekend morning.

Episode 4 – Pick Up Your Brunch

Lovely host Vanessa Gianfrancesco makes a fun brunch with four delicious recipes you can pick up and pop in your mouth – no utensils
needed! Starting with some of her favourite ingredients, Vanessa uses silky eggs, cheese, and sweet peppers to whip up a batch of Prosciutto Egg Cups. Nutty, savoury, and sweet, each cup bursts with flavour and will have your guests asking for more! For her second dish, Vanessa bakes up a golden, flaky Blackberry Lime Danish. Light and zesty, these Danishes are a sweet treat that you can savour all weekend. Next, Vanessa cooks up a decadent ooey-gooey Monte Cristo Sandwich. Creamy gruyere cheese piled high and complimented with savoury ham, this mouth-watering sandwich won’t last long at your brunch table. For her final dish, Vanessa cooks up her favourite Pull-Apart Praline Bread. Made for sharing, this sticky and sweet dish is simple, delicious, and irresistible.

Episode 5 – Up All Night Brunch

Who wants a party to end? With host Vanessa Gianfrancesco’s favourite indulgent recipes, the party continues through brunch. To start off, Vanessa whips up eggs, salty bacon, and flavourful chives together in a delightful Breakfast Dumpling. Fried in oil, these dainty little dumplings are a sure
cure for the morning after a late night. Next up is a heartier dish that come from Vanessa’s Canadian roots – the Breakfast Poutine. A truly decadent dish, rich and creamy Hollandaise sauce is drizzled over warm home fries and squeaky cheese curds. Next, Vanessa cooks up a Brunch Burger. Glazed with maple syrup and topped with a fried egg, this irresistible burger is savoury delight in every bite. For her last dish, Vanessa whips up a mouth-watering Stuffed French Toast, made with melted chocolate, smooth peanut butter, and bananas. How does she top it off? Drizzled with more chocolate, of course!

Episode 6 – French Brunch

Charismatic host Vanessa Gianfrancesco is inspired by the French as she cooks up four simple yet elegant recipes for the perfect leisurely brunch. Vanessa starts with a classic and fluffy French Omelette. Buttery and topped with a handful of chives, Vanessa’s French Omelette will melt in your
mouth. Moving from savoury to sweet, Vanessa adds another traditional French treat to her brunch menu: Pain au Chocolat! The trick to making a great French pastry? Lots of butter, of course! Next, Vanessa combines eggs with zucchini, pepper, garlic, and eggplant to make a hearty Ratatouille with Baked Eggs. For her final French dish, a sweet dessert perfect for sharing…or keeping to yourself! Refreshing and rich Vanessa’s Pear and Blueberry Clafouti is best enjoyed with a large scoop of smooth vanilla ice cream.

Episode 7 – Farmhouse Brunch

In this episode of Let’s Brunch, Lovely host Vanessa Gianfrancesco cooks up four wholesome, hearty and simple recipes. Starting with a warm Cast Iron Farmhouse Bread, Vanessa proves that some things really are worth the wait. Vanessa’s soft, light homemade bread pairs perfectly with an old-fashioned favourite: Scrambled Eggs! Topped with chives and parsley, Vanessa adds a refreshing flavour to a classic dish. Next, Vanessa cooks up a
simple, sweet and creamy porridge that’ll have your belly full all day. What goes better with a hot breakfast than a cool drink? Vanessa mixes up a refreshing Lavender Peach Lemonade, the perfect drink to take the edge off any day. For her final Farmhouse-themed dish, Vanessa indulges us with her Sticky Chocolate Skillet Buns

Episode 8 – Southern Brunch

Heartwarming host Vanessa Gianfrancesco brings the comfort of the south to her kitchen with three of delightful dishes. First up, Vanessa brings the the heat with Huevos Divorciados. This dish packs a punch of flavour with its mix of silky eggs, two homemade salsas, jalapeno and serrano peppers wrapped in soft tortillas with crispy edges. To balance the heat, Vanessa brings together two classic southern favourites with her Breakfast Sausage
Cornbread and drizzles it with sweet maple syrup. It wouldn’t be a true southern brunch without the classic Fried Chicken and Waffles. Savoury, sweet, smoky, crunchy, and soft, this delicious dish is new flavour and texture with every bite.

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