Licence to Grill

Licence to Grill is a series that celebrates the joys of summer backyard entertaining and the BBQ.

Each episode takes place on a Saturday afternoon as host and Chef Robert Rainford prepares to have people over for dinner that evening in his backyard.

With the BBQ as the central theme, Robert shows us the hows and whys of perfect BBQ-ology with recipes ranging from the super delicious and simple (perfect hamburgers, steaks, kabobs) to more ambitious fare (leg of lamb, hot smoking sides of fish, grilled desserts).

Meet the Hosts

Episode Guide

Episode 1001 – The Martini Birthday

It’s Kathy’s 29th birthday (again!) and Rob goes all-martini in his bbq menu.  He puts together everything from a martini marinated salmon on cedar plank with a tarragon mayo to a martini marinated leg of lamb.  It’s a neat BBQ with a twist!

Episode 1002 – The BBQ For No Reason

You don’t always need a special occasion to have people over for a bbq. Just lots of sun, food and friends!  Rob prepares some staples – grilled chicken and ribs with garlic grilled tomatoes on the side.

Episode 1003 – Parents Night Out

Rob’s friends haven’t been out since the birth of their first child six weeks ago.  In celebration of their first night out, Rob goes all out with a shellfish fiesta.  Grilled clams with lemon butter sauce, Caribbean rum shrimp, great scallop brochettes and more are on the menu.

Episode 1004 – The Baseball Pulled Pork

Rob and the boys have a victory dinner of pulled pork, grilled pork tenderloin with great sauces and smokey south western rice as a side after a successful day at the softball tournament.

Episode 1005 – Nothing but Chicken

Rob demonstrates how to do chicken up with style on the grill.  He and his friends enjoy a poultry feast with BBQ rotisserie chicken, grilled flattened chicken and delicious smoked sides.

Episode 1006 – Garage Sale Brunch

It’s the annual neighborhood garage sale and then everybody comes back to Robs for a big bbq brunch.  Slow smoked Canadian back bacon, toasted fruit and cinnamon toast kabobs, BBQed eggs and flapjacks – breakfast never tasted so good.


Episode 1007 – The Blind Date and Garlic

The girls set Robs lifelong bachelor buddy up on a blind date and Rob decides to bbq mega garlic.  Grilled veggies with garlic anchovy dip, grilled trout wrapped in Proscuitto with a roasted garlic mayo and a fresh nicoise salad.  Will love blossom in a wake of garlic breath?

Episode 1008 – Toga Party

Rob has himself a toga party where no one is allowed to feed themselves…someone else has to feed you instead!  They feast on grilled oysters, smoked corn on the cob dripping with garlic chive butter and Lamb sausages.

Episode 1009 – The Mediterranean Feast

New neighbors move in across the street all the way from Southern Italy and Rob decides to do an all-Mediterranean bbq dinner in their honour.  Hot of the grill are octopus, sardines and Moroccan lamb kabobs along with some mouthwatering sides that will make his guests feel right at home.

Episode 1010 – Karaoke Slow Ribs

It’s karaoke night at Robs place.  That means lots of bad singing and lots of great food.  It’s a ribapolooza! Rob bbqs some smoked spareribs, spicy beef short ribs and fresh grilled veg for his wanna be stars.

Episode 1011 – The Engagement

Rob prepares a special romantic dinner for one of his pals who is planning on popping the big marriage question to his date.  They wine and dine on a gourmet meal including zucchini crab cakes with smoked salsa, grilled lobster with basil mayonnaise and a chocolate fondue with grilled fruit.

Episode 1012 – Lunar Eclipse

There’s a total eclipse of the moon out tonight and everyone is coming over to Rob’s for the big show.  In the darkness they feast on grilled chicken tikka

pork tenderloin with a banana salsa, and fabulous grilled fennel with anchovy – garlic butter.

Episode 1013 – The Block Party

Every year the neighborhood gets together for a summer afternoon block party.  This year it’s at Robs place.  He makes a great impression with a menu that dazzles including oyster kabobs, spicy chicken wings, pork skewers, grilled antipasto in endive boats and more.

Episode 1014 – The Mexican Fiesta

Rob decides he’s going to take a trip to Mexico this winter and has a big fiesta to celebrate.  Rob sets the mood by grilling up some roasted vegetable quesadillas, grilled Snapper with charred Chili Salsa, and grilled Chicken Burritos with a charred tomato guacamole

Episode 1015 – The Summer Soltice

Rob and friends get together to celebrate the longest day of the summer – the Summer Solstice.  In the brilliant sunshine Rob and his guests dig into veal chops with red wine glaze, Asian pork ribs, marinated & grilled asparagus and fresh red & yellow peppers with feta and olives.

Episode 1016 – Surprise Guests for Dinner

It’s actually Friday night and Rob has some unexpected guests in town looking for a nice meal.  The last minute dinner party leaves Rob with on ly 3 hours to prepare an impressive feast.  He blows his friends away by serving grilled shrimp with spicy honey glaze, smoked haddock and grilled polenta.

Episode 1017 – Da Boys

Rob and the boys have their annual 4 on 4 basketball tournament and then a giant red meat fest.  Testosterone rules the table as they dig into Rob’s feast of beef short ribs, rotisserie prime rib, grilled porterhouse steaks and a killer Caesar salad.

Episode 1018 – The Fundraiser Barbeque

Rob puts on a backyard fundraiser to help out the local kids soccer team. He entices them with Butterfly prawns with chili raspberry sauce, Tandoori spiced cauliflower, and fried smoked chicken drumsticks.

Episode 1019 – The Superstar Celebration

One of Rob’s friends got a walk on part in a big summer blockbuster movie.  Everyone’s off to see the film and then back to Rob’s place for a Hollywood Star Soireeee.  They wine and dine the night away with a feast of grilled gazpacho, barbecued peanut shrimp, grilled chicken with a tarragon wine sauce and one of a kind grilled Greek potatoes.

Episode 1020 – The Hole in One

Rob’s buddy Jim got a hole-in-one last week.  The price for such a victorious shot is an all expenses paid dinner for his buddies who were not so fortunate.  Rob whips together a meal for the lucky golfer including smoked scallop salad with a citrus vinaigrette, Pernod smoked lobster and grilled stuffed beef tenderloin

Episode 1021 – Saucy Contest

Rob’s entering a bbq sauce & glaze contest and can’t decide which recipe to use so he has some friends over for a huge paarttty to pick the winning recipe.  He sets up the test for his 4 favourite sauces & glazes on various sides – lamb, chicken, ham and turkey.

Episode 1022 – The Girls’ Championship Game

Rob’s friends play on a touch football team (The Devils) and today they play in the championship game. Will the ladies win or loose? Will dinner be a celebration or a wake? Either way they feast on a supper for champions including Grilled shrimp salad with tarragon dressing, Stuffed marinated and grilled chicken breasts, and Chocolate berry burritos

Episode 1023 – Painting the Fence

Its lamb, chicken and veggie burgers, smoked dogs, and homemade condiments for everyone as Rob dragoons his friends into helping paint the fence at his place.

Episode 1024 – The Bocci Ball Game After Party

Rob and his buddies love a good game of bocci ball!  They head back to his place after a tournament and enjoy a feast of delicious grilled halibut, chicken legs, pork tenderloin and seafood stuffed grilled pineapple.


Episode 1025 – Taste of the Sea

Summertime means lots of fresh fish, so Rob tries out some new dishes with various kinds of fish.  Grilled grouper with Almond butter, smoked mint trout, grilled Tuna with peach and onion relish and grilled Salmon with watermelon salsa.  His friends have a whale of a time!

Episode 1026 – Pool Party

It’s the first annual bellyflop and cannonball contest in Rob’s pool and Rob cooks up some waterproof nosh on the bbq.  On the menu are onion marinated lamb chops, smoked turkey breast, a delicious avocado and grape fruit salad and chicken teriyaki satay.

Episode 2027 – Hawaiian Luau

Looking sexy in his grass skirt, Rob and his fish monger friend Jim Foster hang up their surf boards and throw a great Hawaiian Luau.  They prepare a feast including kaluah pork, cowabunga shrimp and some freshly grilled fennel and orange salad.  It’s a tropical feast.

Episode 2028 – Mardi Gras Party

Rob throws a hot Mardi Gras party with a Cajun Creole Menu.  There’s no parade, but there is great food, fabulous music and beads galore!  Skillet Cornbread, Cajun catfish, and creole smoked ribs get this party going an keep it going all night long.

Episode 2029 – Bar Beer-Cue Collection

Men love beer. Men love fire.  Men love to eat. Put it all together and you get a backyard full of men feasting off of a beer inspired barbecued meal including roasted chicken on a beer can, beer wings, beer burgers and even a beer dressing for potato salad.

Episode 2030 – Air Band Concert Pre-Party

Rob and his close friends are singing in an airband contest.  To commemorate this occasion Rob prepares a feast of fabulous food including Proscuitto wrapped veal, grilled baby onions, asparagus rafts and parmesan crusted scallops.

Episode 2031 – Japanese Farewell Dinner

Rob’s friend has just accepted a job to teach English in Japan.  As a sendoff Rob is preparing an Asian Feast on the grill – juicy slow rotisserie duck, seared fresh tuna and smoked asian veggies.  It’s a bon voyage dinner she certainly won’t forget!

Episode 2032 – Godfather Italian Feast

Rob’s favourite movie of all time is The Godfather.  In a tribute to this great film he and his friends gather for an Italian feast off the grill before heading inside to watch the movie.  Rob prepares a grilled vegetable pasta sauce, spicy Italian sausage, grilled veal chops and delicious calamari.

Episode 2033 – Caribbean Bon Voyage Fiesta

In honour of Rob’s neighbors’ grand prize win of all expenses paid cruise to the Caribbean, Rob prepares a Caribbean Feast.  Smoked Pork loin in a passion fruit applesauce, jerk snapper and island salsa are all on his menu as the celebration begins in his backyard.

Episode 2034 – Wine & Cheese Party

Rob is having a wine & cheese party with a bunch of his closest friends.  From the lamb chops to the lobster tails – he combines the wine and cheese into every element of the delicious grilled menu

Episode 2035 – Aerobic Marathon Barbeque

A charity aerobic marathon has everybody desperate for some great food so Rob prepares some delicious healthy dishes including chicken satay, a rotisserie veal roast, polenta kabobs, and ceasar shrimp.

Episode 2036 – 40th Birthday Bash

Rob’s close friend is having a 40th birthday next week.  He and some friends are throwing an “over the hill” party in honor of the “old man”.  They celebrate the occasion with a port marinated rack of lamb and chicken breasts, herbed barbecued mussels and some great sides.

Episode 2037 – Blackout Cookout

A storm has knocked out the power all over the city and there is more rain to come.  With no power, some great food from Rob’s fridge will go to waste.  He braves the storm and prepares an incredible grilled dinner including a grilled vegetable frittata, bacon wrapped chicken legs and a smoked veal loaf.

Episode 2038 – Poker Night with the Boys

Rob is having the boys over to play some cards.  He’s hoping a great meal of beef fajitas, flattened chili chicken and smoked baked beans will get them to lose their focus and belly up the cash at the table!

Episode 2039 – Saturday Afternoon Barbeque

Rob never really needs an excuse to have a party.  It’s Saturday, the sun is shining and that’s a good enough reason to invite some friends over for jerk baby back ribs, honey ginger wings and some spicy shrimp off the grill.

Episode 3040 – Vegas Night BBQ

The cost of having a party every weekend is adding up so Rob decides to throw a Vegas Night BBQ.  With a menu of apple stuffed veal roast, rosemary pork, grilled summer beets and a fresh green salad – his guests are sure to bet big and hit the tables with style.

Episode 3041 – Pajama Party

Rob reluctantly agrees to throw a Pajama Party BBQ for his friend after they save him some big cash on his taxes.  The tea-smoked chicken with an apple-plum chutney, grilled swordfish with a chili coconut crust and roasted veggie stuffed tomatoes send his friends off with sweet dreams of BBQ heaven.

Episode 3042 – Fancy Pants Dinner

It’s Rob’s turn to host the annual gourmet dinner.  He heats up the grill and pulls together a delicious roasted tomato soup, grilled fillet mignon, sweet blue cheese stuffed pears, and some gourmet salads, and sides.

Episode 3043 – Taste of India Celebration

Tales from Rob’s friend of his adventures in India entice Rob to grill up an Indian flavored feast.  He puts together spicy mouth-watering dishes like lobster tails in curry butter, roasted curried potatoes, decadent lamb steaks and a carrot salad to help cool things down.

Episode 3044 – Volleyball Tournament BBQ

Every year Rob and his friends enter a beach volleyball tournament and Rob is in charge of the pre-game lunch.  He goes all light and healthy with an all fish & veggie menu this time including salmon bacon burgers, crab burgers, spicy shark pitas and some delicious tabbouleh.

Episode 3045 – Volunteer Dinner Party

Rob hosts a bbq party full of incredible food as a sign of gratitude to his community.  The brave souls rescued and thus silenced the neighbourhood cat that was stuck in his tree.  Rested and full of gratitude Rob whips up a spread that includes pumpkin spiced lamb burgers, mojo pork, veal stuffed onions and delicious coleslaw.

Episode 3046 – Poetry Club BBQ

A poet Rob is certainly not, but a big bet he surely lost.

Rob missed the shot from the top of the key and now he cooks for poetry geeks

So at the grill he makes a stop, to smoke some fabulous pork chops

He offers friends some legs of chicken with a coffee flavour hidden

The scent of orange lingers in the air as duck gets passed around with flare

It is a luscious barbecue feast, for Rob can’t rhyme but cooks at least.

Episode 3047 – Texas BBQ

Rob challenges some rodeo-riding friends from Texas to a race on horseback.  He falls a little short leaving him in charge of making and paying for dinner.  He ropes together a cowboy feast including stuffed Texmex pork roast, smoked veal shoulder, spicy chicory sausage salad and grits on the grill.

Episode 3048 – Successful Jump Celebration

Rob survives his first skydiving adventure and throws a celebration of life bbq for his instructor and class.  Happy to have two feet on the ground Rob pulls together a feast of the best things in life – lemonade chicken, jumbo grilled shrimp, smoked pork butt roast with crackling and more.

Episode 3049 – Non-engagement Party

Rob grills up some romance for his commitment-phobic friend and his long waiting girlfriend with a non-engagement party.  Watch to see if Rob’s menu of herb rubbed ham, smoked corn chowder, grilled spud skewers and grilled beet kabobs bring his friend to his knees and get him to pop the big question to his Lady.

Episode 3050 – ’80s Night at Rob’s

Rob parties like its 1988 with a retro 80’s barbeque.   With big hair, padded shoulders and bad dancing Rob’s friends are no square pegs.  They are “Like Totally” ready to dig into Rob’s feast of herbed veal steaks, rosemary smoked potatoes, lamb & pork souvlaki, and smoked salmon.

Episode 3051 – Boys Gone Fishing

Rob is back from a weekend fishing trip with the boys and it is time for a fish feast. Smoked Trout, whole Trout, grilled smallmouth bass, smoked veggie salsa and saffron rice are on the barbeque as the boys recount tales about “the one that got away.”

Episode 3052 – Hot Tub Party

It is time for Rob’s annual Hot Tub Extravaganza!   His friends sun by the pool and soak in the hot tub while Rob fires up the grill and make some delicious chicken kebabs, pork satay, curried cauliflower on sticks, salmon & fruit salsa and green bean salad.

Episode 4053 – Costume Party

Rob is having a Costume Party he’s bravely entrusted his buddy Jim to pick out their outfits.  With a menu of slow smoked Thai ribs, cinnamon chicken and snapper in parchment paper, Rob’s skill at the grill is unmasked

Episode 4054 – Pool Party

It’s time for Rob’s long awaited pool party.  His friends sun by the pool, while Rob makes a splash at the grill with turkey burgers, slow smoked beef ribs, roasted tomato salad and grilled chicken with spicy pine nut crust.

Episode 4055 – Horseshoe Tournament

Hold your Horse…shoes! Rob hosts his annual Horseshoe BBQ tournament, and grills up a southern feast.  He and his ring of friends devour delicious smoked rotisserie pig, lemon ginger chicken drumsticks and roasted peppers stuffed with corn.

Episode 4056 – Motorcycle Parade

Rob is born to be wild – Hog Wild that is!  Rob and his motorcycle riding friends cruise the streets for charity then head back to Rob’s for the post parade party.  The hungry bikers don’t rebel when he serves up a picnic pork roast, funky potato packages, tamarind shrimp, plus sauces and sides galore.

Episode 4057 – Olympics Celebration

On your mark, get set, grill! Rob hosts an Olympic celebration and serves up a gold medal meal of stuffed veal chops, smoked leg of lamb, grilled pesto peppers and a cool summer salad.

Episode 4058 – Surf and Turf

Rob and his friends catch a wave of good times and good food at his Surf & Turf BBQ.  They feast of crab legs, roasted leg of lamb, a bucket of clams and the biggest thickest steak you ever did see!

Episode 4059 – Silent Auction Party

Going once, going twice, gone.  Rob and his friends are donating their special keepsakes to a Silent Auction to raise money for charity.  They head over to Robs for a quick and delicious pre-auction chowdown that includes lemon pepper Cornish Hens, sweet monkfish, chili lime shrimp and stuffed pork tenderloin.

Episode 4060 – Live Band Party

Rob likes to Rock and Roll all night and BBQ every Saturday.  This time he rocks out with his buddy Jim’s Band “Giver”. While they belt out the tunes, Rob creates his own hits with grilled lamb chops, crispy potato skins, beef brisket and smoked Proscuitto wrapped shrimp.

Episode 4061 – Tapas Dinner

Ole!  Rob serves up a Spanish Tapas BBQ that includes spicy lamb ribs, beef tenderloin, blackened scallops, proscuitto wrapped figs stuffed with blue cheese and gazpacho vodka in cucumber cups.  The portions are small, but the taste is huge!  And that’s no bull.

Episode 4062 – Carnival Day BBQ

Rob likes clowning around, but he is the Ringmaster of his own Carnival Day BBQ. After a fun day at the fair, Rob keeps the party going with a fairground finger food like pizza burgers, homemade pogos, pork ribs and cool iced tea.

Episode 4063 – Bike Rack BBQ

Rob and his friends are hitting the bike trails.  After a long bike ride, Rob grills up a high protein meal of veal ribs, steelhead trout, southwestern black bean salad and pistachio and honey crusted lamb racks.

Episode 4064 – Boozey BBQ

The liquor cabinet is getting too full so Rob is throwing a Boozy BBQ with the left over spirits from parties past.  He pulls together a feast of tequila chicken breasts, white wine veal chops, martini and grilled tarragon mushrooms.

Episode 4065 – Game Night Dinner

Rob and his buddies are game for something wild.  Rob obliges with a 5-star menu that includes smoked quail, grilled venison chops, stacked sweet potatoes and grilled brussel sprouts.

Episode 4066 – Dog Walker Breakfast

Rob’s backyard is going to the dogs thanks to his new canine friend, Freddy. He and his dog loving friends enjoy a grilled breakfast before the daily walk to the dog park.  French toast, bacon, sausage potato hash browns and baked eggs in hams crisps have everyone panting and taking home doggie bags.

Episode 4067 – Big Promotion BBQ

Rob’s friend Rick just got his big job promotion and it time to cel-ah-brate! The food is executive class all the way, with grilled raspberry Cornish hens, roasted beefeater tomatoes, spicy ground beef skewers, eggplant & squash salad and grilled nectarines over ice cream.

Episode 4068 – BBQ Just Because

It’s Saturday and Rob invites some friends over for a swim, some laughs and some great food grilled on his new charcoal BBQ.  Rob goes all out preparing pizza, nachos, grilled shrimp quesadillas and buffalo burgers.  Why?  Just because!  You never really need a reason to fire up some good times.


Episode 4069 – Fire Fighters Party

It is a three alarm feast when Rob throws a BBQ party for the local volunteer firefighters.  His guests like it hot and Rob spices things up with big juicy steaks, grilled peppers, smoked ribs, plus hot and hotter and the hottest bbq sauces.

Episode 4070 – Ultimate Tournament

Rob is having the Ultimate BBQ with his fellow Ultimate Frisbee players.  His hammer throw may need some work, but Rob grilled spread of seafood kabobs, baked potatoes, grilled vegetable and tortellini salad and roasted leg of lamb are champions.

Episode 4071 – Mexican Reunion BBQ

In celebration of past boys trips to Mexico, the gang gathers to reminisce and relive their rowdy ways.  Smoked Turkey enchiladas, Mexican chicken, steak tacos, and sangria dress the table while the boys fiesta the night away.

Episode 4072 – World Cup Pub Fare Party

It’s Euro- Cup soccer time, and Rob is hosting a World Cup Pub Fare Party.  Before the game begins his pals are going to chow down on some beer marinated beef dip, chicken wings, turkey drummettes and fish & chips.

Episode 4073 – Chinese Food BBQ

Why order in Chinese Food when you can grill it up yourself? Rob creates his own version of Chinese Food, on the Barbeque – Chinese style ribs, 5 spice beef skewers, chicken in black bean sauce, scallops with bok choy and noodle salad.

Episode 4074 – Vegetarian BBQ Party

Vegetarians walk amongst us, and Rob gets challenged by his veggie loving friend to grill up a meatless BBQ.  Rob steps up to the grill and demonstrates that he can grill it all! Bbqed stuffed cabbage rolls, roasted veggie cal zone, maple butter spiced squash and spinach cherry salad.

Episode 4075 – Tennis Tournament

Rob’s Tennis Tournament BBQ is a smash with lamb shanks, roasted garlic mashed potatoes and black bean mussels.  His guests all agree when it comes to barbequing Rob has the best serve.

Episode 4076 – Skateboard Dude Party

Rob rewards the community kids for their hard work on the new park skateboard ramp.   He “Kick Flips” the grill with some maple mustard pork burgers,  chicken smoked pizza and corn on the cob with chili butter.

Episode 4077 – Road Hockey Tournament

Rob’s Road Warriors square off with Andy’s Ass-phalt Assassins in a road hockey tournament. In the end, everybody wins though with Rob’s post game feast of lamb kabobs, grilled carrot salad, corn on the cob, and chocolate chicken breasts.

Episode 4078 – Scuba Dive BBQ

Rob and his buddy Jim are planning a weeklong scuba diving trip.  The problem is they don’t know how to scuba dive.  Rob entices a scuba dive instructor to give them a crash course in exchange for an ocean of fennel crusted tuna, shrimp and scallop stuffed veal, summer melon soup and some corn and wild rice pancakes.

Episode 5079 – Friday Night BBQ

It’s Friday night and Rob is having a party!  Grilled rib steak, bbqed balsamic chicken, scallops with roasted red pepper sauce, grilled taters and carrots and a fresh arugula salad get the weekend off to a great start.

Episode 5080 – Big BBQ Brunch

Rob gives his friends a wake up call with a big bbq brunch.  Smoked back bacon, breakfast frittatas, smoked salmon, a morning cocktail and asparagus with bacon and egg puff pastries give them all fresh start to the day.

Episode 5081 – Cannon Ball Party

Rob throws his annual cannonball and belly flop competition.  He creates quite a splash with the contestants by grilling upTex Mex  pork ribs, Korean beef ribs, Spinach salad with grilled red onions, stuffed grilled tomatoes and chocolate banana burritos.

Episode 5082 – United Way BBQ

Rob has auctioned off his bbq talents to the United Way and the charitable people who bought his dinner have a feast awaiting them.  Rob grills up some tandoori shrimp, charred yellow tomato soup, radicchio salad and a succulent and tender rotisserie prime rib roast.

Episode 5083 – Michael’s Birthday Bash

Rob loves to poke fun at Michael’s age so he’s throwing him a birthday party complete with smoked ribs, grilled summer squash, Caribbean style chicken, shellfish tortellini kabobs, and a big birthday cake.

Episode 5084 – Beach Party

Rob takes the party to the beach with pulled pork sandwiches, grilled chicken drumsticks, pasta salad with grilled corn & jalapenos, grilled lemongrass shrimp, coleslaw and a banana spud salad

Episode 5085 – Dragon Boat Races

Rob and his friends row to the finish line and celebrate the dragon boat races with a bbq feast including Asian spiced lamb burgers, grilled daikon salad, thai spiced trout, smoked duck and grilled rice cakes.

Episode 5086 – NASCAR Night BBQ

Start your engines – Rob cooks up a bbqed nascar nibbly bonanza with spicy coconut ribs, jalapeno stuffed pork tenderloin, hot chicken fingers and potato wedges, grilled corn, smoked shrimp and veggies, and a delicious Pasta & broccoli salad.


Episode 5087 – Fight Night

The heavyweight title is on the line and Rob and his friends are getting ready to rumble with strawberry jalapeno ribs, smoked turkey quesadillas, grilled chicken wings, grilled corn wheels, and sauces that are bound to knock you out!

Episode 5088 – CD Release Party

Rob celebrates his friends first cd release with a superstar bbq including smoked turkey breast with a spicy apricot glaze, grilled onions, sesame soy glazed back cod, grilled bok choy and a grilled antipasto salad.

Episode 5089 – Doc’s Celebration

Rob’s friend has graduated from medical school and Rob throws a celebration bbq in her honour.  They feast on smoked lemon and herb leg of lamb, roasted carrot soup, smoked pork bell and a light pasta salad.

Episode 5090 – Greek Feast

It’s all Greek at Robby’s when he grills up smoked dill and shallot trout, leg of lamb, port marinated fig, stuffed peppers and lemon anchovy flavoured potatoes.

Episode 5091 – Texas Hold’em Party

Rob feeds a full house of his poker buddies with smoked beef ribs, brisket, smoked trout, potato skins, grilled shrimp and a curried slaw.  It’s a sure bet the boys left with a full stomach!

Episode 5092 – 3 on 3 BBQ

Rob and the boys train for the big 3 on 3 b-ball tournament and feast on grilled tandoori chicken, salmon cakes, pork satay, grilled potato chips and a roasted red pepper salad.

Episode 5093 – Just Another Pool Party

The sun is shining, the pool is full and the food is hot.  While his friends frolic poolside, Rob grills up some rum and mint grilled chicken wings, grilled seafood Paella, two kinds of smoked pork and some smoked salmon and crab rolls.

Episode 5094 – Fish Boy’s Birthday

Fishboy is having a birthday and Rob’s keeping the party a secret. Rob prepares nothing but the best including cedar smoked artic char, lobster tails with champagne sauce, sweet potatoes in a cinnamon butter, and roasted artichokes with lemon-saffron mayo.

Episode 5095 – Off to the Academy Party

Rob’s friend is off to the Police Academy so he cooks him a bon voyage meal with grilled sausage stuffed cabbage, charcoal rotisserie chicken, smoked veal roast, broccoli salad and baked potatoes.

Episode 5096 – Brick Breaking Bash

Rob’s friend bets him the cost of a bbqed dinner that he can break ten boards with his head. To keep it interesting he grills up a dinner of champions – grilled five spice flavoured quail, hickory smoked veal and spinach stuffed beef roast, grilled mushrooms and a grilled beet salad.

Episode 5097 – Summertime Jazz

Rob and his friends enjoy a bbqed dinner of grilled brie and port soaked cranberries, stuffed chicken breasts, rotisserie baby back pork ribs and roasted stuffed pears before heading off to the outdoor Jazz festival.

Episode 5098 – Golf Clinic BBQ

Rob and his friends need to brush up on their golf game so their set up a clinic and Rob fires up the grill.  He preps proscuitto wrapped shrimp, stuffed grilled snapper, slow smoked stuffed veal roast, grilled cornmeal cakes and a couple of great salads.

Episode 5099 – Scavenger Hunt BBQ

The scavenger hunt is on and Rob cooks up apple and herb stuffed pork chops, grilled clams, stuffed zucchinis, and twice grilled spuds.

Episode 5100 – The Slo-Pitch BBQ

It’s the annual Slow pitch game and Rob treats everyone to a homerun bbq with rostisserie game hens, bbqed ham with a nectarine chutney, grilled corn relish, a carrot and cranberry casserole, and a sweet potato casserole.

Episode 5101 – Summertime Christmas

Rob throws a Christmas bbq party in the summer.  He uses it as an excuse to smoke a whole turkey, grill some asparagus and beets, serve up a wile mushroom tart and make a summertime bread pudding.

Episode 5102 – Picture Perfect BBQ

Rob pulls out all the stops for an array of bbqed dishes designed for print.  He amazes the local rag photographer and reporter covering his grilling talents and some friends with a feast with blackberry & mint rubbed lamb, smoked pork , corm tamales, and grilled halibut.

Episode 5103 – The Sauce Contest

BBQed chow is only as good as the sauce that dresses it so Rob invites some friends to dig in and ate his new saucy recipes.  His friends judge his homemade ketchup on juicy burgers, a tangy smoked peach bbq sauce with pork ribs, grilled halibut with a mango ginger sauce and a rhubarb plum chutney on a tender beef sirloin tip.

Episode 5104 – No Big Deal BBQ

Dinner is done with style at Rob’s tonight with smoked tuna with a ponzu sauce, a daikon and carrot salad, lamb and fig kabobs, curried chicken kabobs, a cucumber salad and grilled pineapple with sugar wontons s a closer. No big deal.

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