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Take the pressure off weeknight cooking with host Vanessa Gianfrancesco (One World Kitchen) in PRESSURE’S ON, as she prepares delicious recipes using her versatile multi-cooker. This lively culinary series inspires with Monday to Thursday meal plans that feature savoury and sweet easy-to-make dishes perfect for busy weeknights. Using just one pot, Vanessa shares her tips on how to sauté, roast, or steam your way to the weekend, with recipes that are stress-free and sure to be a household hit.

After a demanding day, you shouldn’t have to settle for a dull meal! In each episode, using fresh ingredients and a trusty multi-cooker, Vanessa shows us how convenient it is to cook up four irresistible dishes for four weeknights. From melt-in-your-mouth Korean Beef Tacos, to Caramelized Pork Ramen, or a Salted Caramel Cheesecake, Vanessa proves that cooking with pressure can be creative and delicious. The best part? Some of Vanessa’s recipes can be enjoyed for a couple extra evenings!

It’s all about function and flavour in PRESSURE’S ON. It’s time to put the pressure on your food and take the pressure away from your busy night.

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Episode 1001 – Easy Weeknight Recipes for Busy Days

In the first episode of Pressure’s ON, bubbly host Vanessa Gianfrancesco cooks her way from Monday to Thursday with four delicious dishes. On Monday night, it’s all about comfort food with a steaming hot seafood stew spiked with wine and fresh tomatoes. With her trusty multi-cooker set to high, the succulent seafood mix tastes as though it was cooking all day. Is it Tuesday already? Just because it’s a weeknight, doesn’t mean you can’t cook a classic Sunday meal of moist Roast Beef with roasted potatoes and tender vegetables. Using one pot to sear her roast before adding flavorful beef broth, potatoes, and carrots, she steams the ingredients at a high temperature and after a short few minutes, she’s enjoying a melt-in-your-mouth meal. By Wednesday, Vanessa uses leftovers
from her tender roast beef to whip up a delicious sandwich with a beef dip. Using the beef drippings, she cooks up a heavenly au jus and then slices up the tender meat, piling it high on a fresh baguette. By Thursday, Vanessa is craving a dessert and uses her multi-cooker to make a velvety Earl Grey Pudding with caramelized figs.

Episode 1002 – Fast and Flavourful Dinners for Monday to Thursday

Endearing Host Vanessa Gianfrancesco knows how tough it can be to cook a delicious meal after a demanding day. Never fear, her versatile multi-cooker is here! First up, a comforting Split Pea Soup topped with salty pancetta and garlicky croutons. Grandma used to simmer her pea soup on the stove for hours but using the sauté and steam function Vanessa has her delicious soup down to minutes. Next up, it’s taco time with a Korean twist. She whips up an easy but delicious marinade and pours it over the tender beef in her multi-cooker. A flick of the switch and in only a few minutes, Vanessa is enjoying delectable Korean Beef Tacos topped with tangy purple coleslaw and crunchy peanuts. For day three Vanessa is craving a fall-off-the-bone roasted chicken! After rubbing a whole chicken with a spice rub, Vanessa locks in savoury flavours by stuffing the chicken with fresh garlic, thyme, and rosemary. She then places the steaming rack in the pot and pours flavorful stock over the chicken. After just 30 minutes, Vanessa digs into her tender roasted chicken. With the extra roasted
chicken meat, Vanessa then cooks up a delicious filling for a comforting Chicken Pot Pie.

Episode 1003 – Weeknight Dishes made in Little Thyme

Host Vanessa Gianfrancesco shows us that with a little preparedness and a trusty multi-cooker, you can cook up some tasty weeknight meals in little “thyme!” Vanessa kicks off this episode of Pressure’s ON with her secrets to the perfect, flavourful chicken stock that can be made in just ONE hour! Kick back, and let the multi-cooker do the work! For her second multi-cooker recipe, Vanessa cooks up a delicious dinner of Sweet and Sticky Chicken. Starting with a sweet rub, she uses one pot to sauté the drumsticks, caramelizing the skin and crisping it to perfection. She fills up the pot with her homemade chicken stock and after just 10 minutes, the drumsticks are ready for her sticky honey and molasses sauce. Then, Vanessa shares her secrets to a mouth-watering Mushroom Thyme Risotto. Using just one pot, Vanessa combines tarragon, fresh thyme, and earthy mushrooms before adding her chicken stock she made earlier this week. After seven minutes of pressure, this steaming pot of aromatic risotto is ready for dinner! It’s another hectic weeknight, but Vanessa has a meal that is sure to make your taste buds cheer: succulent Apple Butter Pork Chops! After creating a delectable crust using the sauté function, Vanessa sweetens the pot with apples and balances it with apple cider vinegar. It’s been a tough couple of days, but Vanessa got through them with her fast and delicious dishes.

Episode 1004 – Sweet, Salty, and Surprising Multi-Cooker Recipes

Want to know Vanessa Gianfrancesco’s secret for fast and delicious weeknight meals? It’s her versatile multi-cooker and she has four recipes that are sweet, salty, and surprising! On Monday, Vanessa kicks off her week with her tender Chicken Marbella. She balances the right amount of sweet with salty by combining capers, sweet prunes, and olives into her one pot. After 15 minutes of high pressure, Vanessa squeezes on zesty lemon to give her dinner a refreshing citrus taste. It’s Tuesday and charming host Vanessa cooks up a comforting bowl of Ramen with rich caramelized pork. With Vanessa’s recipe, you don’t need to eat out to get restaurant quality Ramen – you just need a multi-cooker. For her Wednesday night dish, Vanessa whips up a sweet and sticky rub for her Sweet Pork Ribs. Using just one pot and a touch of apple cider vinegar to add a bit of tartness, Vanessa cooks her succulent ribs in just 25 minutes! It’s Thursday and it’s time to celebrate the almost weekend with Vanessa’s rich and fudgy Extra Chocolatey Chocolate Cake. After whipping up a rich cocoa powder cake batter, Vanessa folds in both white and dark chocolate to give her dessert an extra indulgent factor. Using water and the steam function, Vanessa is able to have her fluffy cake and eat it too! Who’s ready for the weekend?

Episode 1005 – Four Flavours, Four Dishes… One Multi-Cooker!

Fun host Vanessa Gianfrancesco has four fresh and fast recipes to get anyone from Monday to Thursday. First up, tender, sweet and with a little bit of spice: Peachy Pulled Pork Tacos. She uses sweet peach nectar and some citrusy juices to get the pork shoulder cooked to a melt-in-your-mouth perfection. She tops her tacos with a tasty salsa that combines peach, poblano peppers, and cipollini onions. On Tuesday, Vanessa cooks up a filling and flavourful Beef Pho. She cooks short ribs on the bone to keep the meaty flavour and adds a toasty spice mix of cloves, fennel seeds, star anise, and cardamom. After the meat gets the pressure treatment, she adds her noodles and steams her Pho in a simple soy and Worcestershire sauce. Topped with bean sprouts, jalapenos, basil and cilantro, this is a meal that will keep you full for days. By Wednesday, it’s time for a recipe that is sweet, soft, and irresistible. A classic, velvety Key Lime Pie with a twist – a touch of basil. Thursdays call for a little comfort and Vanessa has Corned Beef on the menu! A classic dinner, Vanessa uses beer to get the meat moist and steams it with vegetables to get a meal in a matter of minutes.

Episode 1006 – Hearty Weeknight Multi-Cooker Dishes

Home cook Vanessa Gianfrancesco knows life can get hectic, but she has four delicious multi-cooker dishes that will make your life easy. First up, she cooks a meal meant for meatless Monday. Packed full of vegetables with a flavour punch and pop of colour, Vanessa whips up a Vegetarian Chili that’ll have your local carnivores asking for seconds. Next, she whips up a real treat: an ooey-gooey Salted Caramel Cheesecake. Starting with a crunchy crust of salted caramel cookies, Vanessa pours over a silky-smooth cream cheese filling. Using a multi-cooker to make a cheesecake is a baker’s dream, it comes out perfect every time! After letting it chill, Vanessa smothers her cheesecake in a salty caramel sauce. Her third dish is mulligatawny, a spicy yet sweet pot of pure comfort. A blend of curry and sweet apples with chicken, this soup will have your kitchen smelling heavenly in only 7 minutes! It’s already Thursday and Vanessa shows us a savoury crowd favourite – Lamb Shanks. Using just one pot, she steams the lamb in fresh herbs, red wine, and crushed tomato. Simple, flavourful, and ready in just under an hour

Episode 1007 – Classic Sunday Dishes Made in Weeknight Time

Sunday meals are a delicious tradition in almost every household but can take up almost a whole day to make. Host Vanessa Gianfrancesco shows us how to cook up four classic Sunday dinner dishes in almost no time, giving you the option to enjoy them any night of the week! First up is the classic Lasagna. Vanessa combines creamy cottage cheese, delicious Italian sauce, and a rich tomato sauce to make her irresistible Lasagna filling. Using just one pot, she assembles her lasagna then piles on the mozzarella and parmesan before putting on the pressure. After just 25 minutes, Vanessa is enjoying one of Italy’s greatest dishes. Her next weeknight meal is a delightful Thai Green Curry Chicken. After sautéing a beautiful blend of shallots, curry paste, garlic, leeks, and galangal, she then adds lots of creamy coconut milk and cubed chicken breasts. With the flick of a switch on her handy multi-cooker, presto – curry in a hurry! Why make Cassoulet all day, when Vanessa’s cooks in only 20 minutes? She combines salt-cured duck with hearty beans to make a mouth-watering Cassoulet. For her final recipe, Vanessa shows how you can make a decadent Sticky Toffee Pudding in just minutes using her multi-cooker.

Episode 1008 – Four Fresh Dinners that are Always on Time

Another busy week ahead? Host Vanessa Gianfrancesco has a weekly meal plan that’s fast, easy-to-make and delicious! On Monday, Vanessa digs into her Italian roots and cooks up a classic thick, colourful, and tasty Ragu Bolognese sauce within 8 minutes! You can’t even boil pasta in that amount of time! It’s Tuesday and Vanessa has had an extra hectic day. But it’s all good, Vanessa cooks up a beautiful Maple Teriyaki Salmon with fluffy rice in FIVE MINUTES! Wednesdays are Vanessa’s workout day and she likes to enjoy a healthy meal packed with protein – Quiche Lorraine! Mixing swiss and cheddar cheese with salty ham and eggs,
Vanessa pours the mixture into her one pot. After about 25 minutes of high pressure, Vanessa’s fluffy Quiche  Lorraine is ready to eat. It’s Thursday and the weekend is in sight! Vanessa cooks up a burrito bowl that’s easy on time and packed full of Mexican flavours. Setting the pressure to high, Vanessa is enjoying her Burrito Bowl with Chermoula in just 8 minutes.

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