Spencer’s BIG 30

Spencer’s BIG 30 is a fast-paced series featuring healthy, hearty meals for four that can be made by anyone in around 30 minutes, for around 30 dollars. Keeping the pace, while guiding us from prep to plate, host Spencer Watts (Fish the Dish and Watts on the Grill) gives his top tips and tricks for cutting cooking time down, without sacrificing flavour. To prove how efficient his meals are, he actually cooks the entire meal in one take and it’s always around 30 minutes. That’s right – no television tricks in this series! While the kitchen may get a little messy, Spencer’s process is natural, fun, and easy to follow.

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Episode 1001 – Chicken Bake Night

30-minute meals are all about efficiency – start with the most complicated element and finish with the simplest. First, chef Spencer Watts gives us some tips for a rustic Sweet Potato Rosti. Made with a blend of sweet yams, starchy potatoes, and acidic onion, Spencer leaves the Rosti to crisp up in a pan as he starts up his next dish. Spencer cooks up healthy Lemon Thyme Chicken Thighs, perfect for a flavoursome family dinner. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, Spencer’s secret is olive oil, salt and pepper and his trusty skillet. While the chicken sizzles, Spencer flips the Rosti with ease and starts to prep dessert. Spencer uses oats, fragrant cinnamon, brown sugar, and sweet honey from his trusty pantry to make a delicious crumble to sprinkle on fresh peaches. As the peaches bake in the oven to caramelized perfection Spencer whips up a creamy spiced sour cream, a mouthwatering topping for this healthy dessert and a Horseradish Dip, a savoury companion for the Rosti. For his final dish, Spencer prepares a Romaine Salad with homemade Dijon vinaigrette to complement the lemony chicken. And there you have it: Chicken Bake Night in just 30 minutes. Serve all dishes family-style and dig into the easiest gourmet meal you’ll ever make.

Episode 1002 – Roast Beef Night

Who knew you could make a budget-friendly beef dinner in 30 minutes? Chef Spencer Watts starts the clock and immediately butterflies a hearty sirloin roast to speed up the cooking process, sprinkles it with aromatic spices, and lets it sizzle in a cast iron pan before roasting it in the oven. Then, Spencer makes a delicious Yorkshire Pudding. This simple dish requires only three ingredients: milk, eggs, and thyme. Pop it in the oven and don’t take a peak until it’s time to serve. Next, Spencer roasts colourful carrots with shallots, garlic, and fragrant rosemary for a boost of flavour. To add more veg, Spencer tops fresh green beans with a delightful lemon-Dijon vinaigrette. Finally, for a healthy take on dessert – fresh Watermelon Cupcakes. Fluffy whipped cream sweetened with light and airy icing sugar and vanilla complements the crunchiness of the watermelon for a sweet healthy treat.

Episode 1003 – Lasagna Night

Spencer is an expert at 30-minute meals and Lasagna Night is no exception. Don’t spend a whole afternoon baking lasagna when you can let it sizzle in a skillet. Spencer mixes together ground beef, tomatoes, passata, cottage cheese, spices, and oven-ready noodles for a deconstructed stovetop lasagna. Topped with melted mozzarella and fragrant fresh basil, this lasagna is a wonderful burst of flavour. Next, a decadent spinach side in a nutmeg-spiced cream sauce that will change your kids’ opinion of the leafy green. To contrast the heavy dishes, Spencer then prepares a fresh arugula salad with a citrusy vinaigrette. Light and zesty, this refreshing salad is sure to awaken your taste buds. Finally, Spencer quickly whips up creamy banana ice cream for a delightfully sweet dessert.

Episode 1004 – Fish & Chips Night

Fish and chips are always great for a quick, inexpensive family dinner and they’re even better when elevated with succulent sides and decadent desserts. Host Spencer Watts makes simple fish and chips with a twist – fish in chips. For an extra-crunchy crust, Spencer uses potato chips to coat the juicy cod and amps up the flavour with fresh dill, parsley, and zesty lime. Then, he offers a unique take on traditional French fries – Crispy Spiced Polenta Fries. These fries are loaded with aromatic spices and pair perfectly with crispy fish. Spencer then whips up a creamy Garlic Dip. Fast, simple, and bursting with flavour, this dip adds a little kick to the fish and fries. Next, Spencer prepares a Fresh Green Pea Salad with sweet apples and watercress for a light, refreshing side. Finally, a delightfully easy, melt-in-your-mouth Broken Pavlova topped with blueberries and fragrant lime curls will have your family asking for seconds.

Episode 1005 – Chinese Take-Out Night

Why order take-out when you can make it fresher, faster, and even healthier at home? Chef Spencer Watts shows us how to make his favourite Chinese take-out dishes. First, Veggie Fried Rice is on the menu. Simmered in veggie stock, this puffed up rice features delicious veg and fluffy eggs – a great way to sneak more nutrients into your kids’ diet. To complement the rice, Spencer quickly cooks up some Chinese-style Broccoli doused in a garlicky sauce for extra flavour. Then, Spencer makes a zesty Asian-inspired sauce to caramelize some Sticky Pork Ribs. These easy ribs eliminate any hassle – just pop them in the oven a you’re good to go. To finish, Spencer prepares a Chinese take-out classic with a healthy twist – Sweet and Sour Cauliflower. Deep-fried in a mind-blowing batter and dipped in a flavourful sweet and sour sauce, these bite-sized delights are more delicious and nutritious than the ones from the take-out restaurant.

Episode 1006 – Breakfast for Dinner Night

The best way to do a fast, inexpensive dinner for four? Make breakfast for dinner! Chef Spencer Watts starts of by whipping up a fluffy Skillet BLT Frittata. This frittata features crispy bacon, silky eggs, and juicy tomatoes and puffs up in the oven for a delightfully creamy bite. For the L in BLT, Spencer makes a refreshing butter leaf lettuce salad drizzled in a mayo dressing featuring a special kick from the reserved bacon fat. Next, mini tenderized potatoes tossed in fragrant spices and browned in butter are a great alternative to the classic breakfast hash brown. Then, Spencer bakes easy Cheese-stuffed Croissants made with delicious puff pastry. These buttery, flaky croissants melt-in-your-mouth and are perfect for a family breakfast for dinner. For dessert, Spencer prepares crunchy, homemade granola with sweet dried apricots to sprinkle on a healthy yogurt Stovetop Granola Parfait.

Episode 1007 – Pizza Night

Pizza night is a great go-to for the whole family to enjoy. Since pizza is quick and easy, host Spencer Watts make two delicious pies: one classic deep-dish and one tasty thin crust. The deep-dish pizza is cooked in a piping hot skillet and topped with savoury tomato sauce, melty mozzarella, and spicy pepperoni. The thin crust pizza is topped with creamy primavera sauce, mozzarella, asparagus, onion, and halved tomatoes and baked in the oven for crispy, golden-brown edges. Spencer then makes a light side to add a little more veg to the meal – soft Kale Caesar Salad. This healthy salad features Dijon and Worcestershire for some zing and a squeeze of lime for a tarte twist that will awaken your taste buds. Finally, Spencer prepares a sweet treat that is sure to be a hit with your kids – Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies. To make dessert hassle-free, but full of flavour, these delightfully chocolatey-peanut butter squares are cooked in the microwave.

Episode 1008 – Curry in a Hurry Night

A rich, flavourful Indian feast in under 30 minutes, for around 30 dollars? Some would say it’s impossible, but chef Spencer Watts gives it a shot by using fragrant spices from his trusty pantry to make hearty Indian dishes that taste like they’ve simmered on the stove for hours. First, Spencer makes classic Butter Chicken for a warm, creamy dish loved by anyone. Then, Spencer cooks an aromatic Chickpea Tomato Curry for a healthy, protein-filled main. For a nutritious carb, these curries are poured over traditional Indian Spiced Rice with cinnamon, cumin seed, and star anise. Next, Spencer loves his curries with a little spice so he makes a refreshingly cool Cucumber Raita with creamy yogurt and fresh, summery cilantro to the contrast the bold flavours in the curries. For dessert, Spencer keeps the cool theme rolling with a sweet and light Mango Lassi that is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Episode 1009 – Taco Night

Taco night is quick, delicious, and great for entertaining friends and family. First up, chef Spencer Watts caramelizes extra-thin pork tenderloin slices in a skillet loaded with a medley of aromatic Mexican spices and sweet pineapple cubes for flavourful Pineapple Pork Tacos. Next on the menu, a refreshing Roasted Corn Salad. Crunchy iceberg lettuce, roasted corn, sweet cherry tomatoes, and a chili-lime dressing is the perfect cooling side for spicy tacos. Then, taco night wouldn’t be complete without Speedy Refried Beans. Rich, savoury, and delectable, these beans are sure to be a household hit. To finish, Spencer bakes some Cinnamon Sugar Twists served with a delightfully thick dulce de leche caramel dipping sauce.

Episode 1010 – Meatless Monday Night

Sneak more veg into your kids’ diet with meatless Monday in around 30 minutes, for around 30 dollars. If your kids like burgers, they will love host Spencer Watts’ hearty Lentil Sloppy Joes. Packed with protein and seasoned with spaghetti sauce, maple syrup, and fragrant ingredients from Spencer’s go-to pantry, you wouldn’t even know these extra-thick sloppy joes are vegetarian. For a punch of flavour, Spencer quickly pickles some onions to add on top of the sloppy joes. Next up, a little twist on classic coleslaw hits the menu – Brussels Slaw with Ranch Dressing. This slaw features an easy homemade buttermilk ranch dressing packed with Dijon, tarte lemon juice, and fresh chives. Then, Spencer makes a luscious White Gazpacho filled with almonds, bread, and grapes. Finally, Spencer whips up quick, simple, and ever-delicious No-bake Cheesecake. Served in single-sized mason jars with crunchy graham cracker crust, fluffy whipped cream cheese, and a hint of lemon juice, these creamy delights are sure to be a hit with your family.

Episode 1011 – Spaghetti Night

Everyone gets excited about spaghetti night – especially when it can be done in approximately 30 minutes, for around 30 dollars. First, chef Spencer Watts shows us a healthier version of the classic dish by using spiralized zucchini as noodles. These zoodles are seasoned with fragrant herbs and spices from Spencer’s trusty pantry and cooked in a skillet with plenty of olive oil to mimic the texture of noodles. To keep the healthy theme going, Spencer uses lean turkey to craft deliciously juicy Jumbo Turkey Meatballs. Next, spaghetti wouldn’t be spaghetti without a flavourful sauce. Spencer makes a simple marinara using the reserved onion juice from the grated onion in the turkey meatballs and seasons it with a medley of aromatic spices. Then, a delicious side traditionally served with spaghetti – garlic bread. To save time, Spencer makes a Pull-Apart Garlic Bread with buttery, garlicky, and cheesy flavour. To finish, Spencer cooks a delightful Deconstructed Apple Pie using sweet and tart Golden Delicious apples.

Episode 1012 – Fried Chicken Night

Quick and easy comfort food is a no-brainer in the cool winter months. Host Spencer Watts shows us all the tricks for a tasty fried chicken night in around 30 minutes, for around 30 dollars. To start, Spencer bakes up crispy buttermilk and breadcrumb coated chicken in the oven for a healthier version of fried chicken. Then, squash wedges drizzled with a honey-soy sauce dressing are sure to get your kids eating their veg. Keeping the veg theme alive, Spencer prepares a delightful Greek-style Ribbon Salad. Filled with all the fixings for a Greek salad, but with ribboned carrots, cucumber, and zucchini, this salad is fast, nutritious, and delicious. For dessert, Spencer makes a sober Bananas Foster. Traditionally made with rum or banana liqueur, this warm, flavourful, alcohol-free treat is the ultimate comfort dessert.

Episode 1013 – Fish Night

Fast and cheap meals can be as impressive as chef Spencer Watts’ delicious fish dinner made in around 30 minutes, for around 30 dollars. To start, Spencer coats a whole trout with butter, fennel, and lemon juice and broils it in the oven for a quick, healthy, fresh Whole Broiled Trout. Next, Spencer makes a versatile French dish – Ratatouille. This dish features eggplant, zucchini, red pepper, and tomatoes seasoned with aromatic herbs to add a punch of flavour. Spoon the mouth-watering ratatouille over Spencer’s herby, buttery, pearl couscous and you have yourself a delightfully elegant, plentiful side dish. To finish, Spencer shares a nutritious ingredient to his signature chocolate pudding – avocado. Ripe avocado, cocoa powder, and sweet honey mixed in a blender creates a rich, chocolatey, and creamy pudding that is sure to be a hit with your family.

Episode 2014 – Southern Barbeque Night

Who doesn’t love a good Southern-style barbeque while on a budget? Host Spencer Watts whips up a smoky homemade barbeque sauce to coat his spicy Oven Barbeque Chicken. While the chicken crisps up in the oven, Spencer moves onto his second dish: golden Cast Iron Cornbread. Sweet with a bit of crunch, Spencer pops this dish in the oven to get that perfect crispy crust. Next, Spencer makes a velvety Butterscotch Pudding. Sweet, smooth, and topped with chopped pecans for that extra nutty flavour, this dessert is sure to tantalize your taste buds. To finish, Spencer prepares a tangy Crunchy Coleslaw, the perfect side to this Southern-style meal.

Episode 2015 – Greek Night

There’s nothing better than the classic flavours of Mediterranean ingredients, but sometimes dinner can get a little expensive! Host Spencer Watts shatters this stigma with a quick and affordable Greek meal for four! To start, Spencer prepares a tender and lemony side of Greek Potatoes –
delicious! While he leaves the potatoes to crisp up in the oven, Spencer cooks a succulent Pork Souvlaki paired with a Tangy Dill Tzatziki. Next, Spencer grabs some fresh vegetables to whip up a quick Greek Country Salad topped with a simple oregano dressing and crumbled feta cheese. To bring his meal together, Spencer makes a sweet Greek treat– Puff Pastry Baklava. Drizzled with honey and topped with pecans, this classic dessert is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Episode 2016 – Gourmet Soup and Sammies

Chef Spencer Watts shares some of his favourite recipes for a Gourmet Soup and Sammies night in around 30 minutes, for around 30 dollars. First, Spencer makes a simple, yet deliciously Creamy Tomato Bisque. While his soup simmers, Spencer combines ginger, mustard, apple cider vinegar, and honey for a sweet and tangy dressing to add to his Citrus Ginger Frisée Salad. For a punch of flavour, Spencer adds fresh orange slices to the salad. Next, Spencer
prepares his main course: Rustic Tuna Melts. A household classic, Spencer adds capers for a pop of flavour and texture. To finish, Spencer makes deconstructed Skillet S’mores – a sweet marshmallow and creamy chocolate mix with a side of graham crackers for dipping.

Episode 2017 – Spring Fusion

Quick and inexpensive doesn’t have to mean unhealthy! Chef Spencer Watts cooks up a fresh take on a Thai inspired meal in around 30 minutes, for around 30 dollars. Based on a traditional Thai dish, Spencer whips up sweet and salty Pork Lettuce Wraps. Crispy lettuce perfectly counters the tangy pork in every bite. Looking for luscious flavour in his next dish, Spencer combines three key ingredients to make a bright and creamy Coconut Mint Pea Soup. For a cool and quick salad, Spencer tosses together noodles, crunchy peanuts, sweet peppers, carrots, and fresh cilantro for a crispy Cold Noodle Salad. To finish, Spencer whips up Roasted Bananas coated in sweet honey and crunchy sesame seeds.

Episode 2018 – Comfort Food

What’s better at the end of a long day than comforting classic dishes? Chef Spencer Watts shows us that cooking comfort food doesn’t require a full day in the kitchen – it can be done in 30 minutes! Spencer begins with a homey Chicken Stew filled with onions, crunchy carrots, and celery. Tossing in some bay leaves
to pull out the flavour, Spencer leaves the stew to simmer and prepares some biscuits for dipping! Crunchy on the outside, yet soft on the inside, Spencer’s Herb Butter Biscuits are filled with fresh flavours to contrast the hearty stew. Next, Spencer tosses together crisp apples and broccoli for a sweet and crunchy Roasted
Broccoli Salad. Spencer finishes up his meal with a cozy dessert – spiced Apple Ginger Snap Sundaes. Filled with an aromatic medley of ginger, cinnamon, and brown sugar, Spencer’s warm apple mixture complements the cool vanilla ice cream for the perfect end to a tiring day.

Episode 2019 – That’s Amore

It’ll only take you around 30 minutes to impress your loved ones with chef Spencer Watts’s budget-friendly Italian feast. Spencer starts his meal by preparing an ooey-gooey Cannelloni dish. Creamy ricotta with fresh spinach for a rich filling, these delicious cannelloni are sure to keep bellies happy. Garlic bread is a classic
side for an Italian feast, but Spencer has a healthier alternative: Roasted Garlic Zucchini! Then, it’s time for a crunchy and savoury salad. Combining some key Italian ingredients, he quickly whips up a Radicchio, Bean, and Parmesan Salad that is full of flavour and texture. To complete his meal, Spencer makes fast and fluffy Tiramisu, the perfect light ending to a hearty Italian meal.

Episode 2020 – Meatballs & Shakshuka

Moroccan cuisine typically combines a million flavours and host Spencer Watts shows us how to bring that intensity home in a few simple steps.
Spencer starts his meal by preparing a delectable Pearl Couscous Salad. Tossed with honey, peas, and apricots, this sweet salad pairs perfectly with the bold flavours of Spencer’s main dish – Shakshuka. This a traditional Moroccan dish features silky eggs poached in tomato sauce and accented with cumin, paprika, and cinnamon for that extra burst of flavour. Using the same spices, Spencer tosses in some cayenne and red pepper flakes to mix into his tender Lamb Meatballs. To bring his meal together, Spencer cooks up some luxurious Chocolate Date Pots. Dates bind together the ingredients while adding a deep sweetness to this rich and decadent dish.

Episode 2021 – Night at the Pub

Everyone loves a classic pub meal, but don’t always have the time to make it! Stay in with celebrity chef Spencer Watts as he prepares traditional pub dishes in under 30 minutes, for around 30 dollars. First, Spencer makes a sizzling Quick Pub Steak featuring a fragrant rub of peppercorns, pickling spice, and pickling salt to intensify the flavour of the meat. Next up is Spencer’s sweet Honey Thyme Roasted carrots which he pairs with nutty wedges of Brown Butter Cabbage, the perfect side to his delicious steak. Then, Spencer prepares a pub favourite: Creamy Dreamy Mashed Spuds. Full of fresh chives, garlic powder, and creamy butter, Spencer saves time by using the microwave to prepare this simple side, without compromising quality. Finally, Spencer whips up Banoffee in a Jiffy, a luscious dessert consisting of soft banana, sweet toffee, whipped cream, and cocoa.

Episode 2022 – Fajita Night

It’s Fajita Night in host Spencer Watts kitchen as he cooks up Mexican recipes in around 30 minutes, for around 30 dollars. First up, Spencer inspires with healthy and delicious Blackened Salmon Fajitas. Blackening usually falls to store-bought spices, but Spencer shows us some quick tips on how to use heat in your own mix to save you time and money. To counter the heat of the salmon, Spencer whips up a zesty Lime and Cumin Mayo. Next up, Spencer prepares a classic Mexican dip with his own twist: delicious Green Pea Guacamole. What’s better than one dip? Two! Spencer pairs his tasty guacamole with a simple and fresh Pico de Gallo. For a quick side, Spencer throws together a simple Mexican Black Bean Salad that’s easy, healthy, and tasty! To wrap up his meal, Spencer goes for a cool smoothie to wash it all down. Blending together sweet peaches and fresh mint for a burst of flavour, these smoothies are the perfect way to end a fiesta.

Episode 2023 – French-Canadian

Chef Spencer Watts explores rich, hearty, and mouth-watering French-Canadian cuisine with four recipes that’ll have you saying merci! Starting with an iconic French-Canadian dish, Spencer cooks up flaky and golden Tourtière Pots filled with sweet and spicy ground beef. Next up, Spencer whips up Maple Beans, combining sweet syrup, savoury tomatoes, and smoky molasses. Then, it’s time for a salad that’s cozy, salty, and crunchy: Warm Brussels Sprouts and Bacon. The tender Brussels sprouts compliment the crispy fried bacon and the buttery crunch of the pecans for a delicious bite. Finally, Spencer whips up Cinnamon Sugar Pinwheels, a simple sweet treat that’s a French-Canadian favourite.

Episode 2024 – Burgers & Fries

In this episode of Spencer’s BIG 30, fun host Spencer Watts pays tribute to an all time classic dinner of burgers and fries, but with a twist! First up, Spencer cooks up his homemade smoky and sweet Turkey Burgers smothered in a smoked paprika mayonnaise. Next up is the burger’s best friend: crispy French Fries! After cutting up his Yukon gold potatoes into strips, Spencer pats them dry and fries them to a golden crisp. Next, Spencer prepares his tasty dessert: Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream Sandwiches. A Spencer tip for a cookie sandwich that doesn’t melt right away? Chill the cookie before adding the ice cream. To finish, Spencer tosses together sweet and refreshing Strawberry Spinach Salad with crunchy sugar-coated walnuts.

Episode 2025 – Tandoori Take-Out

Chef Spencer Watts tosses out his take-out menus and turns to his kitchen to cook up an Indian feast in around 30 minutes, for around 30 dollars. First up, Spencer use traditional spices to for his tender Tandoori Chicken Skewers. Flavoured with coriander, cumin, cayenne, and turmeric, Spencer’s juicy skewers are spiced to perfection. Using some of the same ingredients, Spencer makes an appetizer of Veggie Pakoras. To accompany this crispy golden treat, Spencer whips up a cool Mint Chutney. Packed full of fresh ingredients like lime, mint, and cilantro, Spencer thickens the chutney by adding creamy yogurt. For his salad, Spencer goes light, crisp, and fresh with an easy Kachumber Salad. For dessert, Spencer prepares a classic Cardamom Rice Pudding.

Episode 2026 – Put an Egg on It

Looking for a healthy and hearty meal that’s light on your wallet? Celebrity chef Spencer Watts has you covered with this “egg-cellent” dinner! Using brown lentils as the base of his meal, Spencer prepares a flavourful and nutritious dish: Warm Lentils and Poached Eggs. Peppery, nutty, savoury, and sweet, this dish has it all. Moving on to a lighter side, Spencer tosses together radishes, peas, honey, and dill for a fresh Spring Salad. Next, Spencer covers his appetizer of Grilled Sourdough with Rosemary Oil. Crispy grilled slices of sourdough perfectly complement the minty, tart taste of the rosemary oil mixture. To finish his meal, Spencer whips up a Mixed Berry Tart for dessert. Luscious with every bite, the sweet berries beautifully accompany the silky cream cheese filling.

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