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This Food That Wine is all about why certain wines work with certain foods. While explaining the fundamentals of enjoying wine with food, the show provides dishes and recipes that are easy to make and impressive to boot!

In every episode, Angie and Stacey meet up with someone planning a party. They get together in Angie’s kitchen for a day of menu planning, cooking and wine pairing. Then, armed with recipes and a wine list, our “guest du jour” returns home to cook up a feast and bask in the adulation of their happy guests. At least 1 red wine, 1 white wine and 1 dessert-appropriate wine is featured in each episode.

Meet the Hosts

Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Housewarming

Over cheese & Shiraz Angie & Stacey teach menu planning 101 to Alexis. They keep it simple for this stand up housewarming affair – an Unoaked Chardonnay with honey lime shrimp & a corn bilini with smoked salmon and Pinot Noir with sausage stuffed mushroom caps & roasted lamb on crustini. The evening is capped off with a rich chocolate fountain & fruit – a perfect match with Stacey’s special surprise – Asti.

Episode 2 - Grown Up Party

Angie & Stacey enjoy sushi & Rosé with Jason while planning the menu for the perfect grown-up get together. A dressy, Asian-influenced menu for Jason & Christina’s social night-in is just what they need – Jason works with our hosts to master Crab cakes with artichoke aioli & Pinot Blanc, while Christina attempts the duck pot stickers with plum chutney & Merlot. Vanilla anise pot au crème & Vidal Icewine brings the evening to a perfect close.

Episode 3 - The Birthday Party

Woody & Mary indulge in oysters & Chablis with Stacey & Angie as they plan their special birthday menu for their friend Rob. The exquisite pairings of scallop-potato sandwiches & Viognier, then a rack of venison with blackberry sauce & California Zinfandel create a restaurant caliber evening to remember. A dessert of chocolate birthday cake & Framboise are a perfect ending to spoil the birthday boy.

Episode 4 - "Games Night" Party

Angie & Stacey munch on giant pretzels & Pinot Noir with wine rookie Marnie to plan the menu for her games night get together. The crowd roars at their selection of pear & gorgonzola mini pizzas & Reisling, their corned beef with duck fat french fries & Gamay Noir. The final dish of ice cream sandwiches and Muscat dessert wine proves to be a homerun.

Episode 5 - "Boys Night In" Dinner

Mixed nuts & Cava provide the brain power needed for Angie & Stacey to plan the menu for Tara’s classy dinner for her husband & his rowdy friends. The pairings of lobster and grapefruit cocktail & Fume Blanc, their porcini crusted beef tenderloin with potato cake & Cabernet Sauvignon will make it hard for these boys to ever settle for pizza & beer again! Assorted cheeses & port introduce the fellas to another interesting match (outside of soccer!).

Episode 6 - The Anniversary Dinner

While treating themselves to warm individual Camembert cheese & an oaked Chardonnay, Angie & Stacey brainstorm to help Johnson find the ultimate way to spoil his wife Kendra on their 9th anniversary. A sophisticated dinner for 8 featuring mussels with saffron and dijon & Pinot Gris, their Coq Au Vin & Cotes Du Rhone is sure to make Kendra feel like a honeymooner again. An apple tart & spiced apple fruit wine are the perfect finishing sweets for the sweethearts.

Episode 7 - The "Bacelorette" Party

Angie & Stacey pop some proscuitto wrapped melon & Prosecco with Carrie-Ann while deciding on the best matches for fun & funky ultimate girls night in! Lemon chicken lollipops with ginger/apricot dipping sauce & Gewurztraminer, and rosemary crusted veal tenderloin with cherry chutney & Chianti is sure to wow the bride-to-be at this classy bachelorette. Yummy colored cupcakes & sparkling Shiraz bring this meal to chic & delicious close!

Episode 8 - The "Canadian Themed" Dinner Party

Poutine with Oka cheese and peppercorn gravy & Cabernet Franc is the perfect Canadian snack to motivate Angie & Stacey to help Edna with her Canadian themed dinner party. Edna is sure to inspire true patriotism with this menu of maple rainbow trout with apple turnip compote & Vidal white table wine, their pan seared caribou loin with Saskatoon berry sauce, & Meritage. Warm Beaver Tail donuts with lemon sour cream ice cream & Vidal Late Harvest Reisling to finish would make any dinner guest proud to be Canadian.

Episode 9 - The "Forgotten Anniversary" Dinner

Angie & Stacey snack on some BBQ’d orange chipolte shrimp & Pinot Grigio to inspire perfect matches for another perfect match - Judy & Derek! This romantic dinner for two includes salmon tartar and scallop ceviche & Champagne, then Pork Tenderloin stuffed with goats cheese, lemon basil and served with a cherry sauce & Primitivo. Assorted Truffles with Cabernet Franc Ice Wine is the ultimate way to end the evening – and is sure to make up for the anniversary Judy forgot.

Episode 10 - The "Homecoming" Party

Angie & Stacey get to know Matt over shrimp chips with a spicy peanut dipping sauce & Riesling. This world traveler is home after 7 years and wants to share his “new” favorite cuisine – Thai - with his old friends & family. The ladies choices of Pad Thai & Gewürztraminer and Thai chicken wings with mango salad & Grenache might inspire Matt’s friends to do some exploring of their own. Matt’s favorite banana cream pie served with Sauternes finish this adventurous meal.

Episode 11 - The "Book Club" Dinner

Angie, Stacey and their guest Maggie munch on Manchego cheese with tapenade & Sherry to get the brainpower needed to plan the ideal meal for Maggie’s monthly book club gathering. Corn chowder & Sauvignon Blanc and rich Roast quail with rose petal sauce & Tempranillo are sure to get the book club talking. The dessert of chocolate tamales with vanilla ice cream & Port will inspire many Mexican book selections to come!

Episode 12 - The "Non-Baby" Dinner

Gillian needs Angie & Stacey’s help to plan a great dinner for her friend who’s just had a baby! The ladies meet over beef carpaccio with parmesan & Valpolicello to try out this Italian themed meal to welcome the new Mom back to the world of wine. Mushroom ravioli with pecorino & Italian Chardonnay, their braised lamb shanks with rapini and gorgonzola & Barolo are rich & delicious choices. Biscotti, espresso & Vino Santo are a light & authentic end to the evening.

Episode 13 - The Fondue Party

Angie & Stacey enjoy a funky vegetable tempura & Gruner Vetliner with Janine as they create a menu for a fun & retro fondue party! Creamy Cheese fondue & Chenin Blanc, their Lamb & pork fondue & Malbec allow Janine to do most of the cooking with her guests (instead of for them!). Lemon pound cake with caramel sauce & Madeira proves to be the perfect fondue dessert & wine to match!

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